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  1. Farcry Instincts > Halo 2

    Ok i've just got home after purchasing it from my local Gamestation. (it came in a snazzy army pack). So far this game is amazing, ive just literally turned it on, ive just jumped out of my boat after being shot by helicopters, taking a minute out to write this. Graphics are also amazing so far. I will be playing this online soon so if anybody has it my gamertag is JB Whiting.
  2. SSBM - Stage Select

    For me the best stage is either Final Destination or Corneria, cos they're simple and there are no obstructions. For me the worst stage is either the Ice Climbers one or Pokemon Floats. grrrr
  3. best album for non sex/drugs

    Details by Frou Frou
  4. The Big Question!

    I would have to go with Rogue Leader.
  5. Beginneth of the Batman

    I also think its better than Spider-Man... but not Spider-Man 2!
  6. Halo Discussion

    Does anyone know how to customize your tattoo thing on your arm? Also how do I view my stats?
  7. Rate the above users user name

    MunKy - its like monkey, but spelt wrong... I like it! EDIT: 7.6/10
  8. Halo Discussion

    Whoo, I've now got my xbox online... my gamertag is JB Whiting, someone be my friend
  9. Unleashed

    I saw this film a few weeks ago. Its way better than his previous films like Kiss the Dragon or Cradle 2 the Grave (not counting Hero of course). What I loved about the fight scenes was the brutality, looks a lot more realistic than most fights in films, but he should of done more animal like moves though. Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins were both better though I thought.
  10. MTV Pimp my Ride USA

    They should replace the steering wheel with the Revolution controller.
  11. Smallville Fans

    Wha?! Smallville provides entertainment sure but for me there's nothing as deep or as thrilling as the OC. I just didn't like the X-Files approach of season 1 and 3, got tiresome really quickly. Good theme tune though.
  12. Halo Discussion

    Ah right ok, does anyone know how to configure Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)? Oh wait I found it, its on control panel. Now I just need to get a crossover ethernet cable and it should work.
  13. Halo Discussion

    OK, I'm not going to start a whole thread just for this but basically I need help with starting up Xbox Live. I've had the start up kit since christmas and now I think I'll try and get it up and running with some help. I have DSL broadband with Nildram. I have an internal modem. I have one ethernet cable (from my Dreamcast). What do I do? Someone please help. *sob*
  14. Adverts That Blow - Secondary Remix

    That Orangina advert with the most irritating song ever.
  15. 'Scary' Films for Halloween?

    You could pop to the cinema and see Saw II, I think thats out on halloween.
  16. Land of the dead?

    Well, it is the second sequal to Dawn, its just carrying on the story from the first three, Night, Dawn and Day. More of the same ol' stuff is what we want!
  17. Land of the dead?

    Hmm, its only rated a 15, hope it turns out to be more Dawn of the Dead and not (ugh) Resident Evil.
  18. I'm hooked on Knights of the Old Republic, its too good. I picked it up 2nd hand for a tenner, my first impressions were very dissapointing but I stuck with it and now that i'm a Jedi I can't stop playing. I've just finished up on Tatooine, might fly over to Kashyyyk see how it looks compared to ep III. And of course I'm still playing Call of Duty UO, play it every day . (If anyones got it and wants to play me, my names St.Solo, and I use x-fire)
  19. Metroid Prime

    What I did was print out a list of all the missile and energy expansion locations from gamefaqs, then I ticked 'em off when I got them, sad , but the only way I could get 100%. Echoes was good, but somehow they expanded upon what made the first one frustrating, and made it even more so. Fighting Dark Samus was cool, but the final boss was shite.
  20. I'd have to say 4 too, but the actual controls are pretty much identical in all of them.
  21. Your top 5 songs of the moment

    Time Out From the World - Golfrapp All the Arms Around You - Halloween Alaska Admiration - Incubus Into Dust - Mazzy Star Clear the Area - Imogen Heap