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  1. Rate the last film you saw

    10 out of 10 doesn't mean perfect, it's just the highest honour you can bestow something.
  2. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I'm quite the pascifist in this game; my medic is always on hand to give squad mates a revival. So I never pay attention to the kill/death ratio like I did with MW.
  3. Dead Space 2

    Well apparently one of the reasons for making it more action orientated is: What a load of bollocks.
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    Except maybe the one from Donkey Kong Country :wink:
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    No no! Sonic 3 owns it, I mean, it had Michael frikkin Jackson. It was much more up tempo and as tapedeck said, Hydrocity is a work of genius. Don't get me wrong I love Knucles soundtrack, it just seems to plod along a bit, like Mushroom Hill and Sandopolis. Although Death Egg is a hilight!
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    Really? I thought overall Sonic 3 did a better job of the soundtrack, it was 'braver' with its sound. Hydrocity is just abosolutely made of win. Saying that Chemical Plant is probably the best of the lot. EDIT: Saying that I just listened to a few of the supposed Sonic 4 soundtrack and well, damn, what a step back. The boss music is truly awful.
  7. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    OK I am have some serious troubles with my copy of the game. It's only started happening recently but my xbox crashes after about 10 mins of playing. It cuts off and two red rings (top two) start blinking, I then have to pull out the plug and put it back in to start it. Weird thing is this only happens on multiplayer (and on no other game). Anyone else experience this?
  8. Dead Space 2

    Just from that clip it seems more Resi 5 than Resi 4. Rocket boots??
  9. Splinter Cell Conviction (360)

    I really want it to be good! I mean Double Agent wasn't bad, but the last great game was Chaos Theory and that was a while ago.
  10. Splinter Cell Conviction (360)

    The demo is up on Live has anyone tried it? I can't help but feel slightly disappointed, for all the development time it has had it just feels (and looks) like a stealthier Gears of War. The controls feel a bit fiddly and i'm just a little tired of seeing the Unreal 3 engine. I have faith in the full game though
  11. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Ah so you do get punished for destroying your own Rush bases? I bloody well hope so cos i've played a few where one of my team mates would just stand there and blast our own base, I mean WHY, where does the satisfaction come from?
  12. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Despite my rather large achievment score i've recently given up hunting for them! So these two don't actually bother me, i'm ridden of my addiction!
  13. Final Fantasy XIII

    As preachy/whiny as that sounds I pretty much agree with you. (and I am also enjoying FFXIII but not on the level of previous installments)
  14. Final Fantasy XIII

    I'm also loving the battle system, yet everything else (running around the field etc) just isn't that great. It really is too linear and I miss adventuring to random towns, mingling with the locals. I hope they go for a more traditional angle (or a radical change around) for the inevitable sequel (XV).
  15. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Ah that one, that's just another port one, I swear they all seem to be set by ports/docks. I just want one stuck right in the middle of nowhere - a sniper's dream.
  16. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Oh really, what's it called?
  17. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I'm slowly forcing my way through the campaign because 1. it's not very good and 2. multiplayer is piss-my-pants excellent BUT i've just come accross this mahoooosive desert level (with the castle in the middle) and duuuude, this needs to be a multiplayer map (albeit not quite as huge), it's so epic! Give it to us EA!!
  18. Final Fantasy XIII

    Vanille is already the worst FF character ever, where did she get her accent from?
  19. Final Fantasy XIII

    I've been playing it for about half hour too and so far it's pretty bland, i'm literally just running forward occasionally pressing A. I'm sure it'll get more interesting I just need to stick with it. The thing that annoys me the most though about the 360 version is that the cutscenes (both FMV and in-game) don't seem to be in HD! Talk about low res!
  20. Halo: Reach

    I think you mean semi-automatic.
  21. Final Fantasy XIII

    Maybe if you get real lucky Leona Lewis will descend from the skies above and grant you a signed copy.
  22. New Trailers

    Eeeeee I actually can't wait for that Is it me or is Jake Gylenhaal sounding just like Matt Berry?
  23. Final Fantasy XIII

  24. Borderlands

    Damnit! I didn't have much fun with the first two DLCs (mainly because I couldn't find any players, doing it solo is no fun), so I sold the game. Then they release this arghhhh.