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  1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    But that's exactly what makes Mario so good!! Link is best left to explore
  2. The Movie News Thread!

    I don't want to sound complainy and I love Brad Bird's films. I just wish they didn't go for someone who's only really done family friendly animations. I'd prefer someone like Joe Carnahan, Phillip Noyce, Paul Greengrass or maybe even Brian de Palma returning. But that's just cos I want M:I-4 to be a serious spy thriller rather than a summer blockbuster.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles (Aug 19th)

    Holy cow, why can't more Wii games look like this?! I'm not familiar with the Xeno series. Are the battles real time or turn based?
  4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Well suck my dick 10/10. I mean I found the first game nigh on perfect and then this game comes along and impresses Edge that much? My Wii has been officially dusted off.
  5. New Metal Gear (remake?) PS3 Exclusive

    Whoever believes that piece of paper is genuine they need to be sectioned fast.
  6. Alan Wake (360)

    Bumping this as the first batch of reviews are out. GiantBomb - 9 IGN - 9.0 GamesRadar - 8 1UP - 83 OXM - 8 Eurogamer - 7 I think the overall opinion is that Alan Wake is a short and flawed but generally entertaining game, one that would have been better received had it come out when it should have. I'm still getting mine fo' sho'.
  7. Your favorite word

    I like 'Love'. Such a nice word, one that shouldn't be said too often though.
  8. The Movie News Thread!

    One of the best DVD boxsets in existence.
  9. New Trailers

    OMGZ it actually has action. I knew David Slade could possibly not make it suck.
  10. Final Fight: Double Impact

    I played the demo, was alright, its no Streets of Rage 2! (and I don't care who ripped of who lol)
  11. Splinter Cell Conviction (360)

    Yeah i'm up for that, despite being a Chaos Theory pr0, I haven't had much time with this (only on third mission) so I'll need some practice on normal setting first! I might be playing it tonight around half 10. Add me.
  12. Splinter Cell Conviction (360)

    I KNOW! I spent a good five minutes looking for it in the multiplayer menus... it aint in there! As for the game itself (single player) it's... OK, not bad but not great so far. Not a patch on Chaos Theory. It doesn't allow you to be very free or creative, being much more linear and 'context button' heavy. Apparently it doesn't get better; forcing action over stealth. I'll happily do some co-op with whoever though.
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    Did you watch the extended cut (where the Alien bursts out of an ox rather than a dog)? I'm happy you liked it. Fantastic set design too, the actual creature design wasn't half bad either yet the computer generated bits were pretty terrible. The first 15 or so minutes are amazing.
  14. Gears of War 3

    The connection being some sort of tentacle monster human hybrid baby.
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    For anyone who's hungry for more Streets of Rage-type antics then Final Fight is up on Arcade today for 800 points, it comes with a game called Magic Sword (never played it).
  16. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Me me meeee! And I play it quite alot!
  17. Gears of War 3

    So... much.... grey. Ugh.
  18. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Smoke is usually good to cover mates when planting charge or capturing flags. Just sit there with an ammo box and smoke smoke away.
  19. Metal Gear: Peace Walker

    Well fuck me sideways that's alot of product placement.
  20. The Music Thread.

    Now here's a funky tune. I think her new album is out in a few months.
  21. Metal Gear: Peace Walker

    I don't see the point.
  22. Final Fantasy XIII

    30hrs in and it's starting to drag a bit, I feel like it's outstaying its welcome. I'm sure it'll pick up again soon but I've started playing Revenant Wings on the DS and that's actually more fun!
  23. Games you Hate, But everyone else loves

    I love you too.
  24. New Trailers

    Resident Evil: Afterlife Another film to jump on the Avatar/3D bandwagon.