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  1. Dead Space 2

    I'm pretty chuffed that you can now change the difficulty in New Game +; making my Zealot run-through a minor annoyance. Anyone attempting Hard Core I suggest you play it through at least twice first, use mainly the Plasma Cutter and Force Gun, and even perhaps get the DLC armour and weapons.
  2. Tumblr

    No, I don't have tumblr because I don't want to post any complaints that I have for the world to see.
  3. Dead Space 2

    Yeah I thought they'd make a bit easier. Thankfully the hardcore mode should prove a nice challenge for us DS vets.
  4. Bulletstorm

    I'm more of a story-immersing FPS type of person so the OCD based score approach doesn't do it for me. EDIT: It sure is pretty though considering the Unreal Engine now bores my bollocks off
  5. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Any Diablo/Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance fans might want to check Torchlight out, though I'm not sure when it's actually out.
  6. Lamebook pics

    Haha genius. Reminds me of these:
  7. Bulletstorm

    I really, really can't get myself excited for this game, despite how gorgeous it look. It might be because I don't like the Gears franchise. I'm hoping for a demo!
  8. X-Men: First Class

    This worries me, a lot. None of us want another Wolverine.
  9. Album openers.

    As much as I love that song (and the whole album for that matter) I prefer Untitled on their debut. It feels like more of an intro.
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man

    WTF is up with his hair! They've definitely managed to make him look like an 18 year old douche.
  11. Dead Space 2

    You can get it on Wii for under a tenner!
  12. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Another one? Didn't Revenge of the Fallen teach Michael Bay anything?
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I'm on the final mission. It isn't too difficult (certainly doesn't reach levels of frustration as with World at War). There are a few instances where you will throw the controller at the screen; notably storming down then up the hill in Vietnam and other parts where you have to fend off waves. Thankfully the AI doesn't spam 'nades any more, but they still pull of freaky headshots.
  14. Tron Legacy

    Imax tickets went on sale like, an hour ago. I managed to nab 4 for the 18th Dec. Get booking now people!
  15. Films you've walked out of...

    2012 - I thought the world was going to end but like, it didn't.
  16. Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Yeah. It's more of a personal niggle but the overuse of fucking strobe effects before and after each mission AND, every time you go back to the main menu it has to go through a short, strobe-educed and loud cutscene. (I'd assume it's to mask the loading as the menu is its own sort of level)
  17. SAW

    Saw was gruesome and thrilling. The rest are forgettable trash yet somehow the soap opera-style drama keeps pulling me in.
  18. Awesome Opening Credits

    The title sequence to Alien I still think is the greatest thing committed to celluloid.
  19. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    All I can say from the demo is: how is it not 60fps?!
  20. Halloween/Fancy Dress Topic

    I've ordered this, no joke.
  21. Vanquish

    Or bundled free with Platinum's follow up.
  22. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Super Meat Boy (800) and Costume Quest (1200) should be out today on XBLA!
  23. Vanquish

    Eurogamer and Gamesradar both gave it a 9.
  24. Avatar: Special Edition

    I think they're adding a further 20 or so minutes to the DVD (on top of the SE re-release). Also here's a trailer. This version will open on Earth!
  25. The Inbetweeners

    This man speaketh the truth.