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  1. F-Zero Z (rumor)

    Seconded. This would RUIN F-Zero completely! Also, go back to thrash metal BGM, it kicked ass! Play Mario Kart for friggin weapons, not a proper racer like F-Zero! I still think Ridge Racer 64 was the best Racing game to grace a Nintendo console, and yes, I have Burnout and Burnout 2.
  2. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    I just use Marcia for Chapter 3 there. Geoffrey is only needed to get rid of the Bowguns. Danved sucks in comparison to Nephenee, Astrid is very average, I never bothered with Makalov on PoR, Kieran is just annoying (though he is decent) and Geoffrey has average level ups. Marcia pwns them all so I let her hog the EXP there! And it really annoys the hell out of me, how the yank narrator calls Geoffrey, "Jee-OH-free". Speak English dammit!
  3. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    There are more FMVs in RD than in PoR. About 12 maybe more in RD, only 6 in PoR! Keep your eyes on Part 3, that's where the best stuff is at! The story gets very interesting as soon as you beat the Part 3 Endgame!
  4. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    I'm on Part 3 Chapter 13! The PoR save data upload gives you're best FE characters stat boosts, and you can carry over coins from PoR which are now used in forging! There is also a PoR Support Conversation Gallery that opens up. Jill is the best character ever!
  5. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    I have Easy save data on my GC memory card and it works fine. I didn't try to upload the Easy data though, but it's supposed to freeze even if it's just present. So I'd say it's all fixed ! It's actually becoming scarce in shops already so if you want a copy and don't want to have to spend £60 on Ebay for one, you'd better get RD tomorrow. Let's hope the bad reviews don't put off the next Wii FE game from being released over here! And yes, I think the reviews (ONM) are wrong, it's the best FE yet!
  6. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    If you've never played it before and you don't want any characters to die, I'd say 40 hours minimum, up to 70 max! It isn't short or easy, not for first timers!
  7. Ghost Squad Wii

    Awww, if I told you that you'd be cheating! Oh well, I use the XMW21. Level 99 isn't easy to reach either, it's very boring.
  8. Ghost Squad Wii

    Well I'm No. 1, Hawke is another pseudonym of mine. I intend to go back and get No. 3 in the world but with Fire Emblem coming out, I can't see myself doing that anytime soon. It's better if you're a Marshal and have the reticule off! How else did I get such a high score? As for mission levels, level 8 for 1, level 4 for 2, and level 6 for 8 are the best. Make sure you get all 5 SUCCESSes in missions 1 and 3 that includes the H2H bits. Actually, there is so much to tell you, I don't have the time currently. I've recently set up a clan at officialnintendomagazine.co.uk (still can't post urls) in the Nintendo Online Gaming thread. It's for ALL online Wii games, including Ghost Squad. Drop me a PM if you any questions, either about a game you might be stuck on or about the clan .
  9. Medal of Honor Heroes 2

    Well, it may say I'm new to the forums, but I'm most certainly not new to MoH : H2. I am Eph1del, and I lead the Black Fang, a relaxed clan which recruits ANY player regardless of skill level. We view ourselves as a "Brotherhood of Gaming" and we are not "elitist" like so many other clans out there. So if you're up for some good fun games, then we're here to arrange that ! I may be one of the best players out there, but the whole point of gaming is lost as soon as you remove that "fun" aspect. We are also recruiting good players for clan wars, and even better, our clan has no overwhelming responsibilities, we're just here on a part-time basis. So, if you're interested come visit our thread on officialnintendomagazine.co.uk (I would have posted a working url here, but the forums says "No!" ) and check for our thread in Nintendo Online Gaming. Yeah, we haven't got our own forums yet (>_<) well, I did tell you it was relaxed !
  10. Wii Release List

    It's been delayed until the 14th now. Just thought I'd keep you updated on it .
  11. Ghost Squad Wii

    I'm No. 1 in the Regional Rankings and No. 6 in the world. Just thought you should know that! MoH : H2 will be awesome !
  12. Wii Release List

    You need Star Trek Conquest put on the list. It's out on the 22nd February, and it's decent! A lack of strategy games means this budget title (only £20) should be up there.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    It's EPHIDEL, you know, off Fire Emblem : Sword of Flame, Black Fang, Nergal, Morphs. Oh well Waiting for up to 5 months longer than the Americans though, for one of the definitive Wii titles and half, no I mean a third, of the reason why I bought a Wii. Brawl, BWii, and Radiant Dawn are all gaming gold, strategy combined with action, is my forte. We'll all have to stop using the net until it's released Imagine if they delayed it 'till Chrimbo 08, that wouldn't surprise me. On a side note any VGM fans here?
  14. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Right, I'm new here and I am no spammer (damn you gamefaqs.com), but bear with me whilst I suggest this. There is, if you didn't know, a petition (groan!) about the overall constant delays we keep getting from NoE, and the recent Brawl delay was the last straw for many. If you want to support it here's the web address, petitiononline /noe123/petition.html Also, if you don't believe complaining at Nintendo works, then read this, destructoid /nintendo-finally-does-the-smart-thing-improving-release-dates-outside-japan-57709.phtml These are both .com addresses but I'm not allowed to post up links until I've done 15 posts, great Now that may be only relevant to Australian Nintendo fans, but it proves complaining works with Nintendo. Now, despite my plugging this petition all over the internet (the petition isn't mine you see), I think I've come up with a better idea. I quite simply think that NoE should e-mail all Club Nintendo (EU) members and ask one very simple question, which game do you want most/first? Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I think this would end all the current negative feelings towards NoE and simplify NoE's handling of the situation. I know (rightly or wrongly) that Brawl will be the most popular by far, and if it is NoE can prioritise it above Mario Kart. Brawl will undoubtedly be one of the definitive titles of the Wii's life and I feel that up to 5 months of internet spoilers and videos from America and Japan will undoubtedly ruin the experience for some people out there. I've joined this forum in the hope of finding like-minded, hardcore gamers like myself, not to plug some petition so please don't judge me on this first post of mine.