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  1. Such a shame, visually it looks terrific. Will be interested to read reviews & analysis of the final product though. Reading it's synopsis there is potential for some interesting stories if it's ideas are sufficiently explored but his previously expressed views definitely throw up some red flags around the concept.


    The Last Night is what we call post-cyberpunk – it’s not the kind of dystopia the genre is famous for, rather it depicts an alternate direction for society. One where the fight for survival doesn’t mean food and water, but a purpose for living. Human labour and creativity has been rendered obsolete by AI, so people are now defining themselves by what they consume, not what they create. Charlie is a lower-class citizen who can’t interface with the systems and augmentations of the world around him, due to an accident during his childhood. He’s a citizen of the thriving metropolis and yet he’ll never be a part of it. Then, a chance encounter offers him the chance to be part of something else and take matters into his own hands

  2. Going to play this whether good or bad. The original season was a haunting if flawed delight and I'm going to want in on the conversation for this. I'd be entirely happy if it didn't any of the time mechanics so long as the characters were all explored properly in relation to the main series. Sounds like they've got some talent on this, so I'm quietly hopeful.


    PS. Note to self: Buy some Daughter albums.

  3. Adam West, star of the definitive (in my opinion) 1960s Batman TV show and serial guest star of American animation, passed away earlier today aged 88 after a battle with leukaemia.


    It was years of seeing him crop up in The Simpsons et all before I was able to recognise & embrace his gentle, comedic, self deprecating majesty. Once I did I would never have gone back. RIP.


  4. Definitely going to be voting Lib Dem tomorrow, if reluctantly. I'd rather vote Green but Lib Dems have got the best chance against our conservative MP (who has literally never ever voted against the party line). Corbyn would never be my first choice for PM but I at least trust him to not break into my house while I sleep and steal my kidneys. I am worried there's gonna be a Labour/Lib Dem vote split that'll let her carry on, lot of both posters up. Ah well, hopefully Greens will take IoW.


    Best possible scenario tomorrow: Lib Dems take Portsmouth South, Greens take IoW, May with a majority of 40 or less. I'd love it if the polls suggesting a hung parliament were right but I'm bracing for bad news and preparing my self-medication.

  5. Anyone know how much it would cost me to build/buy a PC that would let me play Overwatch on my TV?

    Silky smooth performance and all that.


    Excluding the cost of a mouse and keyboard, I'll consider those separately.


    Not hyper-expensive for Overwatch, which isn't too demanding. A recent i5 and a 1050ti or similar should keep you at 60fps+ on high settings. About £800 or thereabouts for a new system.

  6. Managed to pick this up in the current sale, wish I'd picked it up earlier TBH - Overwatch is still my shooter of choice but this is a really satisfying game to play if I just want something fun for half an hour. It feels like CoD of duty back in it's heyday, definitely recommend picking it up in the current PSN sale if you haven't already.

  7. Pretty great shooter-heavy sale on PS4 at the moment - CoD, Destiny, The Division and Titanfall all with hefty discounts. My recommendation: Battlefront Ultimate Edition (with the season pass) is £12, a worthy buy for anyone who needs a lot of loud n' proud Star Wars in their face.

  8. It's certainly going to bring into sharp relief what a terrible leader Corbyn has been. I was hopeful when he was raised up to leadership to finally a left wing/alternative voice in mainstream politics but he's been so incompetent getting his message across while managing to sabotage his own party. Now it seems likely Labour will take the hit and use it as an excuse to carry on like before. As for May I'm almost impressed - yet again she's completely reversed everything she's ever said and expects no questions. At this rate by next month she'll be going from Conservative to FARC Revolutionary mid-sentence.