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  1. Obviously not a huge amount to go on yet but this was by far the most interesting thing on the Xbox showcase. Up there with Stray as one of the most eciting projects on the horizon. If they figured out how to make a match 3 game that looked like this I'd be all over it. 

  2. In these pandemic -y times with no end in sight, it's natural to start clicking around for a distraction and end up spending 3 hours going down an autoplay list. That's 3 hours less pandemic you now have to endure! So share your Youtube holes (other video services are available) so we too can distract ourselves for another afternoon.

    My current fave is a channel run by a Russian ornithologist with a pet eagle owl named Yoll (who can't be rewilded) and who often takes care of owls injured or rescued on their way to being released or moved to a nice aviary (such as lil' Unya here). Owls are freaking great. Especially Russian owls. 



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  3. It's been really interesting hearing the breadth of opinion  on this game. Maybe not in a head space for this right now but I'm looking forward to spoiler discussions and I'll still get into it eventually.

  4. I watched The Red Turtle last night and when it finished I cried for a solid 20 minutes or so. The superlatives do not exist to give this movie justice. A trailer doesn't communicate what it's worth. It is a work of art and a genuine masterpiece. I think I might be changed as a person and I absolutely did not go in expecting to be affected the way I was.


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  5. Sainz would be the most obvious choice, personally I'd also love to see Perez get something decent to work with. If Sainz goes Russell better get that McLaren seat or I'll riot. Can't see Vettel being anywhere else on the grid, he'd be well advised to get better work elsewhere (WEC maybe) that'll let him spend time with his family.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Raining_again said:

    I have to self isolate for fucking 12 weeks....:angry:



    Oh noooo. Hope they don't drag too much for you. 

    Wasn't working today but got called in to come pick up my desk PC, now I've got the entire setup I normally have at work on my kitchen table. I find it unsettling for some reason. 

  7. My twice-weekly karate class is cancelled until further notice, scuttlebutt is the headteachers at the school we use think schools will be shut by next week. My main concern through all of this are for some of my vulnerable co-workers in the call centre (no working from home) - older folks, people on cancer treatment etc. NHS site says they'll start contacting vulnerable people after the 23rd, I'm honestly hoping it'll be to tell vulnerable people to isolate. My day would become a nightmare but I'd rather that than lose colleagues. 


    Lots of anxiety around, piss-poor messaging from the government isn't helping. Obviously it's a complex problem but Boris on the podium isn't helping. No clarity, no confidence, no ability to break it down to the important essentials. 

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  8. Aye, a shame but understandable. Seemed a real mishandling let it get as close as it did. Was going to see the BTCC with my dad in April but that's off too. Weird times all around, let's hope it all passes soon. 

    Until then:


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  9. Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon - as charming as you could possibly hope from Ardman, witty and funny almost without fault. Watched it immediately after watching Arrival, which is an A+ double bill with more overlap beyond the obvious themes than you might think. 

  10. Has anyone tried GeForce Now? I've tried the free tier after it got out of closed beta and I'm genuinely shocked how good it is. I've got decent internet with a very average AC router a room away but I've got Destiny 2 & Xcom 2 running almost always smoothly at Max/1080/60 on my dusty laptop. Signed up for the premier tier at the promo price, hopefully more compatible games get added over the coming year. Need to start collecting games worth using on it too.