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  1. Mahtens, I'll be at yours at around 4:30/5pm, m'kay?

  2. I say old bean, check your email account, I think it's been hacked or infected - keeps sporadically sending me odd emails of the "hey gaggle64, you should check this out!" variety, always with a suspicious link. Suspiciously suspicious, even.

  3. Hehe, aw, you know exactly how to get to me. ^__^


    Come on MSN sometime! I know I'm not on all ze time but I have been trying to log in every now and again. When I'm not busy. Windows don't stare out themselves you know!

  4. Martin tells me you've been threatening him. :heh:

  5. Drinking again were we? :heh:

  6. Next to the detergent (gotta keep our Ceiling Cats pristine white! =p )

  7. *prooood*

    Fallen down the bog? No, no (not today anyway :heh: ). Been having busy times, but slightly less busy times soon so it's all good. How's you? :)

  8. Ocelots? Too much? Liking? How very dare you! :heh:

    Hehe, treat trap! Beanie-related shennaigans are always welcome of course! :D


    Early Grey tea for madam?


    Beep boop. =p

  9. Hehe, aw, michevious little Beanie. Sounds like he's in good spirits. ^__^

    I'm just grand! Hope you're holding up okay too!

    I'll get the Earl Grey to you ASAP. In the meantime, how about a nice fresh Ocelot-kitteh for you? :D



  10. 129183569351866223.jpg

    I saw this and thought of you. :heh:

  11. For your troubles. *hugs*

  12. TAG YOU'RE IT!


    pass it on no backsies kthxbai


    (I feel ridiculous.)

  13. Saw these, thought you might enjoy them. :heh:

  14. Loving the sig right now man. Rock that muther. :heh:

  15. Oh yeah, purple and yellow is silly but purple and two shades of pink is where it's at? Pffft. :heh: