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  1. So how was your birthday? I hope there was moderate drinking and nipples involved.

  2. Raining! Long time no-see. How have things been?

  3. Haooy Birthday Mahtens! Hope you have many fun and smexy times!


    Ps. I didn't get you anything because I forgot. .__.



  4. Hey mahtens, sorry I ghosted on you on Steamchat earlier, I was so tired from work this morning I lay down and straight blacked out. Don't regret it though, napping is fun. =p

  5. Ey Hanananananananannananana-BATMAN! How are things? How have you been these missing months? :)

  6. Gooood. I'll probably pop up at some point over the next couple o' months. We should go an adventure! PS. Add me on PSN if you haven't already.

  7. Hey Maaaaaaaaahtens. How's stuffs?

  8. Happy Burthday Mahtens. Sorry I didn't get you anything, I'll make it up to later... sometime... somehow. =p

  9. Hananata! Haven't seen a lot of you around the last few weeks! How's the boy? Hope you haven't worn him out too much. :heh: Anyway, I'm good! Hope stuffs is good with you. =)

  10. I've told him he can have her if he completes seven mythical quests but he hasn't gotten back to me on that. :heh:

    How are you BTW? ^^

  11. So what are the specs of your new gaming PC and how many government satellites are you planning on hacking with it?

  12. You leave my ma out of this! :heh:

  13. I'm baaaaaaack Maaaaaaaaaaahtens. Wanna do stuff and stuff?

  14. *bursts through the wall* Mahtens.

  15. Thought you'd enjoy it. :p Be back for a few days week after next. ^_^

  16. I just wanted to leeave this here. :heh:

  17. Hey mahtens, I'm back for the week! We should do stuff and stuff! ^^

  18. Hey mahtens, how's stuff? What messenger are you using these days? PS. I'll be back for Xmas.

  19. Awk boo! That's terrible, you're entitled to that time off. You can tell you're one of the ones holding the whole place together when they won't let get away like that. I hope you can get somebody's ear to yank and listen to you. xx

  20. Well, yes. Could really use the holiday too though. =p xx

  21. Awk, I'm holding together. Just suddenly realising I need a full change when I'd rather just get on with everything else first. Thanks for asking, lovely. =)

  22. Yeah, sorry about that. My MSN is fine but I've been so busy and tired I keep forgetting to turn it on or deliberately leaving it off. After May all my Uni deadlines will have passed, which will mean moar time for Martinses. But I am sorry! =(

  23. That's what yer ma said last night.



  24. So why do you have a new big-ass TV? What was wrong with your other big ass TV? Size queen. :heh: