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  1. Haooy Birthday Mahtens! Hope you have many fun and smexy times!


    Ps. I didn't get you anything because I forgot. .__.



  2. Job woes/wins

    If I've got one piece of advice with a CV, lead with your skills and use your experience as evidence (as opposed to experience > skills). I've noticed a wider range of employers seem to react more positively if you can be specific and upfront with your aptitudes rather than general work history, especially if you haven't already worked a job similar to what you're applying for.
  3. Job woes/wins

    Got two job interviews tomorrow, one Southampton and the other in Portsmouth, there's work on the line so I've got to take the bus, and I think I'm now coming down with fairly serious head cold.
  4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    I mean he had a spare weekend and it's no stranger than Conor McGregor being there. Maybe they'll kiss.
  5. Job woes/wins

    Oi, 2 interviews down and no score yet. Still early days yet but none of this is helping the ol' anxiety. Few more applications fired off, nothing to do but wait for the next opportunity and try again.
  6. Rise of the Tomb Raider

    There are good reasons why they don't but I do wish all disk media came in that model of packaging.
  7. good stuff thread.

    Surprisingly productive day after yesterday's shenanigans - got at least one job interview lined up, got my bike fixed, got a refund for my mostly unused season ticket. Think I'll skip karate class tonight though, need a little mental-health related TLC.
  8. Job woes/wins

    Operation Job Hunt - Job Harder is now underway, interview for Thursday morning and another likely in the pipe for a job that could start as early as next Monday. Fingers crossed.
  9. Job woes/wins

    It's not only the kindness but the eloquence of your words that balms my soul.
  10. Job woes/wins

    Welp, lost my job inside of four weeks. Basically failed one too many audits so it's not a totally unfair cop, not devastated to loose that particular job either. Seemed like a nice place at first but the training was all over the place and we kept getting told contradicting policy several times a week, not to mention some HR weirdness I won't go into. It's a blow for sure because it seemed a golden opportunity at first and while I did try I just wasn't a fit for it. Now I've got the stress of job hunting with "immediate start" written on my applications. Erk.
  11. Formula 1 2016

    Cripes, my heart went to my boots when that happened. No shock Lewis is upset, hell of race all round though.
  12. Job woes/wins

    I literally finished my last shift Sunday night and rolled into the new job first thing this morning. I am le tired. Oh, well. I guess in the beginning god created the heaven and the earth...
  13. Job woes/wins

    After very nearly 7 years, I am no longer employed in retail.
  14. Battlefield 4

    In case anyone is unaware all the BF4 expansions are free for the next few days. They also updated the game-front UI to their new series-standard and it's sort of eerie.
  15. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Out of curiosity I checked and that is quite literally him.
  16. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    I don't think I'm interested in a CoD right now but I am digging it the more space-cartoon it gets.
  17. The Last Guardian

  18. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    It's still difficult what to make of how this informs the long term direction of consoles - is this the 1st step for incremental Playstation updates or an irregular reiteration? Happy with my base model in any case, glad their won't be too drastic as disparity as may be feared.
  19. Pets are funnies

    Please enjoy this six second video my mum sent me of my brother's-girlfriend's dog Lupin digging (apparently he's been in a lot of trouble for digging up the neighbour gardens).
  20. What Have You Bought?

    "Sir, please, I think you've had enough..."
  21. General Movie Thread

    Went to see When Marnie Was There at the wonderful independent cinema with the big screen. Wonderful movie, what a perfect swan song for Ghibli. Really made me want to go check out the book. Thought I'd managed to avoid crying until the credits when they played "Fine on the Outside" by Priscilla Ahn. It all hit rather close to home.
  22. Pets are funnies

    I DEMAND you all look at this nice kitty family my Dad & his girlfriend recently adopted from the RSPCA: 1 y/o mama Molly and her 10 wk old kittens Margot (all black) and Chester (black & white). Formerly abandoned now likely to be spoiled rotten.
  23. Hey mahtens, sorry I ghosted on you on Steamchat earlier, I was so tired from work this morning I lay down and straight blacked out. Don't regret it though, napping is fun. =p

  24. Job woes/wins

    Got a new job, better pay, better work, better schedule, better work space, NOT retail... problem is I don't start until the 19th (could've started earlier but my manager still hasn't pulled his finger out and HIRED SOMEONE) so until then I'm still going mad at my crappy current/soon-to-be-old job being all-
  25. Overwatch

    New map soon BTW.