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  1. How do i get a girlfriend?

    Yeah, that sounds harsh. I've yet to get a girlfriend either - I just haven't found a girl I really like yet. I don't really see the point in spending time with someone I don't like. The again, maybe I shouldn't be so picky - being a college student, I'm lucky if I don't find a girl who isn't so drunk she's threatening to throw-up over me, all the while completely unaware of how loud she's shouting in my ear. Ahh, just ignore me.
  2. British humour or American humour?

    There are a couple of good US shows around at the moment like Family Guy and Simpsons. Scrubs is OK. Friends, Cheers and Fraiser were all great too. Will & Grace is complete crap though. I think UK humour is much better overall, simply because it's so much more intresting and varied. Love Potion is one of my current favourites, I always look forward to Have I Got News for You and I simply can't wait for the next series of Bremner, Bird and Fortune. I also hope they make another series of Monkey Dust or The Peep Show, one of the finest sitcoms ever made. Those great satirical skits they do on Radio 4 rock too. Did anyone hear the show about the PR gurus trying to help improve the image of a local superstore? Currently living in a small town with a frankly oversized Tesco's, I hadn't laughed so hard in ages. When was the last time an American comedy show made light of large American corperations? Show me a US satire on the Coca-Cola Company, and I'll hush up.
  3. The Gamecube's finest hour is yet to come - the new Zelda will be a final, glorious swan song for the Cube. With games like Metroid, Wind Waker, SSBM, Resi4 and F-Zero, plus many more, it's served me well these past few years.
  4. Cool twilight princess video

    I'm doing my best to resist watching any more videos. I really want to save myself for whenI get the actual game - we all know it's going to roxxer everyone's boxxers.
  5. Without reading most of the thread, I'm sure that Nintendo will bare all by the end of this year - they said they would anyway. It would be nice to see some game footage like.
  6. The greatest moment in games

    in Ocarina of Time. The final cutscene in Starwing The last twist in Links Awakening. The opening 5 mins of Goldeneye. The final boss battle in The Wind Waker. Winning the Poke-league in Pokemon Red/Blue. The Halo level title: The Matrix level in Conker's BFD. in Skies of Arcadia. in Resi4. And many more. Many, many more. PS. I may have been slightly zealous with the spoiler tags, but I'd complete all the games mentioned before checking the spoiler if I were you. It's best that you experience them fresh.
  7. If Metroid Prime 3 was running on GC dev kits...

    Yes, but why would you pass up the opertunity? Besides, Nintendo don't go for that kind of trickery.
  8. If Metroid Prime 3 was running on GC dev kits...

    I honestly don't think those shots (from E3) are in any way pre-rendered. They look very similar to the GC Metroid games, and there's no reason why Nintendo would fake this. It's probably looking loads better at at Retro Studios by now with the extra power of the Revo. I would say it's almost certainly an early shot of MP3 - the idea of a big planet made entirely out of phazon would make sense.
  9. Sony's Playstation devsion has really been acting strangely recently - sueing importers left, right and centre, not willing to accept threats from new and revitalised rivals, even ripping off other peoples franchises now. Didn't Nintendo make some similar mistakes when it was in control of the market some years ago? It's like watching history repeat itself. In ten years, will Sony Playstation become the big market innovator after a metioric fall from power? It would sure be a weird world to live in.
  10. next gen game prices

    I think it's unlikely that Revo games will cost more then £40 - this is the sort of thing that put Nintendo off expensive HD-support and going for an uber-powerful console. Costs are much lower for developers, lower for customers. They've always maintained that they wanna keep costs down, and I think they will.
  11. Jack Thompson's game scenario

    I've got nothing against stopping minors from playing Resi4 or anything, but jack Thompson is one day going to have to accept that video games don't bloody kill people. Ignorance, poverty, corruption and fear kill people. And here's Jack, doing everything he can to add to the whole American fear culture. I actually wonder if he honestly believes what he says - it's probably just to sell stuff like all the other ass-hole scaremongers out there. "Hi, I'm Jack Thompson. Video games are turning people into mindless killers. BUY MY BOOK!" Seriously people who spread this kind of crap around (Bush administartion included) should get run over by a crazed Italian-american in a loud hawaian shirt driving a fictional and similiar to but legally distinct Ferrari-Porsche style car with poor handling though the streets of a city similiar but legally distinct to Miami. Seriously dudes, make a date and do us all a favour.
  12. OK, here goes - Baten Kaitos Tales of Symphonia Batallion Wars Fifa 2004 NHL 2006 NBA street V3 SSX 3 (or the new one if it's better) Conflict Desert Storm 2 Second Sight POP - Sands of Time MGS Twin Snakes Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door Wave Race Blue Storm Luigis Manshion Donky Konga DK - Jungle Beat Beyond Good and Evil Killer 7 Worms 3D Super Mario Tennis Super Mario Golf Billy hatcher and the Giant Egg Resident Evils, 2, Nemisis, Veronica and the original remake Serious Sam Spider-Man 2 Mario Party 5 Ikaruga Fire Emblem and Zelda obviously. NOTE - obviously, unless I become super rich or something, I'll only be getting a slection of the above. But I would get them if I could. I'll probably be waiting at least a year before joining the next Gen.
  13. SSBM - Who do you go?

    I think it's purely palyer preference most of the time. I always go Captain Falcon. Fast, powerful, all the reach of the Canadian government though.
  14. What media type will the REV use ?

    Ha, ha, LOL. Seriously though, multi-layerd DVDs seem likely - even the largest PC games don't need more then a single DVD to hold everything. Though a Beta-video add-on could really add extra lifespan to a console.
  15. so what dp we actually know about the revolution?

    Lets wait until we start seeing some demos or something or that one, shall we? We have some claasy first-party titles coming and It's probable that there will be at last handful of third-party games for Revo we simply don't know about yet. There's still quite a lot we don't know about the revo after all.
  16. so what dp we actually know about the revolution?

    Ohhh, I forgot about that one.
  17. Pokemon, Real RPG

    You probably wouldn't need a SSB subscritption cause' it won't need it's own servers to run, but I'm surprised that Nintendo and Sony haven't done something like xbox live - a single subscrition for most online games on the system is a good idea, and obviously works. Still, at least we can play some titles free of charge as a result. A number of pros and cons in there.
  18. Damn, thats real shame. Thats a big chunk of British cultural history up in smoke. Still, like Nick Park said, compared to other news today,it's really not a big deal. :doh:
  19. so what dp we actually know about the revolution?

    Yes it will definitly launch with a brand-new Metroid prime - It's all officially confirmed and well under development at Retro Studios. You may remember how they mentioned that as a result of the new controller, the shooting will play a much bigger part in MP3. Should provide the console with a good "killer app" along side Super Smash Bros. Both were very popular on GC.
  20. Recent Nintendo Ads-Getting Better?

    What about the DS sponsership of all of Channel4s nightly comedy shows? And the (actually quite good) Nintendogs ads during week-day morning Fraiser? As well as Nintendogs sponsership of "It's Me or the Dog!". Also, Advanced Wars DS ads are all over the net - gamespot.com in particular, especially if you're not a complete member who like Battlefield 2. There's been a large banner across the top of gamesradar.com for the last month too.
  21. Pokemon, Real RPG

    These are all great ideas for a pokemon game on Revo. Online play would be great - maybe they'll have something in the next DS incarnation. Oddly enougth though, Pokemon is one of the few Nintendo franchises not yet confirmed to be coming to the Revo. It's almost a certainty it will though. PS. Actually, I can imagine quite a few people would be willing to pay the monthly subscription for a pokemon MMORPG, and it would rock - might be a problem with younger fans though.
  22. Too much 'NintendOptimism'?

    How about the Advanced Wars DS ads all over the web, or the Nintendogs TV ads snugled in between mid-morning Fraiser?
  23. so what dp we actually know about the revolution?

    We know it will launch with a brand new Super Smash Bros, Metroid Prime and Crystal Chronicles. We also know that Mario128 and new Zelda and Donkey Kong games, along with "a brand new project" from Shigeru Miyamoto are in development for the Revo. We know it won't pack HD support. We also know it will be fully wi-fi capable for online gaming out of the box. We know it will rock. We know I will be getting one.
  24. best album for non sex/drugs

    One of my fav. ambums has to be Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips - "Do You Realise" has to be one of the most relaxing, invigorating, kick-ass tracks ever!
  25. The best and worst of the internet.

    Best: Penny Arcade Worst: Cyber anarchists