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  1. Metroid Prime for me remains the best looking game of this generation. The beautiful enviorments, weather effects, stunnigly designed enemies and detailed creatures never fail to amaze me. All without so much as a single framerate issue. LOOK AT IT!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. WiFi Limitations

    There are loads of wi-fi hotspots though. Clubs, pubs, cafes coffee bars, a few music shops, not to mention all the McDonalds spots, as well as the game retailers spots coming.
  3. Diet

    Try and get exercise, even it is only a 10-min walk every day or something. Also it's what you eat, not how much - a large home-made rice dish (just boil some rice and throw in a few green beans or peas or something,) will have a fraction of the calories of half a Mars Bar.
  4. Horrible Blu-Ray patent!

    Sony are becoming positively obsessed with anti-piracy measures. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't insist making perfectly legal uses of the disk practically impossible to most legitamit users, and the pirates always crack it eventually anyway. That King-Kong PC demo for example. What the hell were they thinking putting anti-piracy MALWARE ito a FREE demo? What is the point? People have had their hard-drives FORMATTED because of that crap.
  5. Child Porn

    Definitly no kiddie porn. It's just wrong - wrong, wrong and wrong. As in, totally sick. Although I personally feel we really need to put some serious research into stuff like peadophilia, to find out how this stuff ever gets started, and if it is something we can treat or something.
  6. Lady Lumps

    The Peas aren't too bad, but this song really is awful.
  7. Indifferent! Indifferent! Indifferent!

    I'm rather indifferent about Bhuddism.
  8. User Image Gallery

    Here's me, sealed iside a neat thumbnail, looking at least 3 younger then I actually am. Also, I'm not nearly as tired as I look. I usually sleep in until 11, yet for some reason I always look like I'm trying to break a world record for sleep deprevation. God only knows why.
  9. Funniest moments in gaming

    Shmenue 2 - The hero walks into a bar; "Hello. I am looking for some sailors."
  10. That would suggest that Somalia is some kind of citizens paradise.
  11. Angry! Angry! Angry!

    Christian Voice. As a Christian, I HATE Christian Voice. "Humanitarianism is a concept designed to undermine the word of the Lord." I mean, for Gods sake! Also, as a Drama student, I think The Jerry Springer Opera is a fabulous piece of theatre. So leave it alone!
  12. Paris is Burning

    These are all part of a much wider social problem. People don't go on violent rampages just because they think it's funny. Racial tension, social responsibility and poverty in the developed world are all related to the events in France and Birmingham. Until we start tackiling these issues in a responsible manner, these sorts of things are inevitably going to happen, and sometimes not without good cause.
  13. Happy! Happy! Happy!

    At the risk of sounding like "an after school special". My friends and family, who i all love dearly. More then anything else.
  14. Best ending EVER!

    Starwing - "This Corneria. Pepper speaking - congratulations, on a job well done!" Obviolusly not massively impressive by todays standards, but the very concept of audible speech was mind-blowing on the Snes. Man, I can't wait for Retro-downloads on Revo.
  15. Remember remember the 5th of November...

    There was a fireworks dispay last night - I wasn't at the site itself, but I could see the display clearly from a couple of miles away. I'll stick my head out the door to see if i can see anything tonight. I'm at college now, and I sure do miss going to the bonfire night with my friends at this village a few miles from my house.
  16. Metroid Prime 3

    Don't be ashamed! Both Primes are rock hard. I'm currently stuck on Echos myself - can't seemt to kill off the underwater boss you face after getting the under-water mobility suit. I gues I'll just have to keep trying.
  17. What do you do when you're not on here?

    I'm mostly listen to the radio and read Stanislavski or play Golden Sun when I'm not here or doing college stuff.
  18. I'd say the replacement of our nuclear weapons arsenal is an improtant issue (I'm opposed).
  19. there's nothing to watch on tv anymore

    At least there's a new series of the Peep Show coming on. That series is comedy class.
  20. Rate the above users user name

    Sarka? I like it - sounds like the name of a cool Sci-fi RPG character. Probably someone with big hair and a small but kick-arse spaceship. 8/10
  21. STAR WARS, EH?

    Episodes 4 and 5 were fantastic. Episode 6 was cool, but we could've done without the Ewoks. Episodes 1-3 are all rubbish (except for the pod racing scene).
  22. best opening ever

    Starwing! I don't think anything I will ever play will replace that fuzzy, warm and excited inside my belly then the words "SCRAMBLE! SCRAMBLE!" flashing across the screen. All your ladee-da flashy FF cutscenes can go to hell - show me a big red take-off alert and I'll be blasting hordes of enemies out of the skies over Corneria and throughout the surrounding system with a 100% hit-rate for each and every level. PS. Starwing remains the only game I've ever actually been appaling good at. Even up to the point of pwnage.
  23. New Nintendo patent. 3d somthing somthing

    This patent has been doing the rounds recently. It idoes appear to be genuine, but seems unlikely to actually become anything solid. Although... This rather oddly comes after Shigsy let slip that he would "like games to fill the entire living room", before immediatly clamming up as soon as he said it. Who knows what Nintendo are up to...
  24. Ep3 out on Monday

    Gosh dudes, I like, totally wanted to see Ep3 man, but then on the way to the cinema I like, noticed a giant pile of crushed glass at the side of the road, which this guy said I could roll around on for the same price as a cinema ticket, so I'm like "Wow! Totally Dude!" and I like, spent the next 3 months rubbing razor shards into my eyeballs instead. Man.
  25. I hope it's something new - Killer7 was great, but somehow would be spoilt by a sequel. It would destroy it's uniquness you know.