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  1. Doom:The Movie

    I saw it last night. The action was pretty decent, the plot was just stupid. All that crap about cromosone 24 and the good/evil gene and that stupid sub-plot about the guys family dying in pot-holing incident. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? It was sorta OK overall. The BFG was a bit dissapointing somehow. Did we ever actually get to see anything get killed by it?
  2. Your First Downloads

    Starwing and Lylat Wars. God, Starfox GC games were dissapointing!
  3. Zelda Revolution Idea

    Doesn't stop it from beong a good idea though.
  4. Please keep in mind that when they wrote the mag, Nintendos Wi-fi service hadn't even started yet. The writers at NGC have this funny thing about only writing articles on things they actually know about. And the spoof Xmas TV listings and annual smutty-stories are hilarious. I agree the supplements aren't the best, but I thought it was a pretty good issue, with some tasty reviews. What's not to like?
  5. Nintendo Profit Drops 51 Percent

    It all be because of R&D for the Revo, as well as the GC coming ot an end. They did predict lower profits.

    There's been snow here in the Scotish borders, but of the dissapointing, slushy kind. Hopefully what there was will freeze and allow the next snow-fall to settle. Yay! Snow!
  7. England v Argentina ['friendly']

    Ya' know mike-zim, you've got a bizarrely negative attitude towards Sven. He's done some great work for England, and led the team to some fantastic victories. You surely wouldn't argue that the team hasn't improved, would you? You say Sven inherited a strong team. I disagree. Remember the days of Kevin Keagen? <shudders> Before Sven came along, England weren't given a snowballs chance of taking a trophy. These days they keep a spare bottle of brasso handy, just in case. I should hope they're a strong team - Sven built them that way.
  8. cricket fan?

    I'm not a "fan" as per say, but I do like to watch it when it is on anyway. I do that with a lot of sports. Regardless of what sport it is, it's always fun somehow to watch the very best in the game duke it out.
  9. Namco titles for Rev...?

    Namco will almost certainly make games for Revo, and it only seems logical they would be working on a project or two for early on in the Revos life. They're certainly throwing their weight behind the DS, so the Revo would most likely, especially after the success of their titles on GC.
  10. Exclusive FPS for Revolution by UBISoft!!

    FYI - Gamesradar.com has reported the Ubisoft FPS story, which for me is as good Ubisoft executives bursting into my room and screaming at me until I fall over. Gamesradar.com wouldn't publish stuff like this unless it was bonafied fact, and if it was still just a rumour, they would clearly mark it as such. So that's good.
  11. Exclusive FPS for Revolution by UBISoft!!

    The Canadian studio that's supposedly working on it is the same studio who did Splinter Cell and Beyond Good and Evil.
  12. Baten Kaitos is very definitly on my big list of Gc games to get once they become uber-cheap after this gen. I saw my friend playing it and the graphics were incredible. I also intendo to get Mario Power Tennis, which also happens to be rather shiny.
  13. Exclusive FPS for Revolution by UBISoft!!

    Jeux-France is reporting the same thing, as is spanish site meristation.com. It seems to be genuine.
  14. England v Argentina ['friendly']

    It games like this that make some of Englands other performances so disspointing. They've proven over and over again in games like this that they are a world-class, poptentially world-cup winning side, and when they don't show that it's always bitterly disspointing.
  15. England v Argentina ['friendly']

    That was fabulous. Great performances from both sides. Owen really wuped arse, but for me, special mention has to go to both goalkeepers. They were fantastic! If it wern't for them the final score would probably be 13-12!
  16. Recomend me a Co-op game (xbox)

    You can play co-op on the Conkers Bad Fur Day multiplayer. The multiplayer mode is fantastic.
  17. Favorite Starfox Character?

    Ya' know, now that you mention it, Falco has got a bit of the happy days about him.
  18. I think all the Resident Evils deserve special mention, but if it came down to moody lighting alone, Resi 0 would come out way on top.
  19. Favourite PC RTS game?

    Dawn of War definitly. Also thinking about picking up Homeworld 2, just as soon as I've completed some other games.
  20. Favorite Starfox Character?

    Yeah! That would be cool. With a bit of luck, it's only a matter of time.
  21. Favorite Starfox Character?

    You're also missing Kat. She was pretty (in pink) cool.
  22. Starfox Adventures wasn't TERRIBLE, but it definitly was a dissapointment. I honestly wouldn't mind if someone tried again...
  23. Super Mario Sunshine was another stunner. The lights, the colours, the giant geleatinous enemies and splats of paint evrywhere. It is the visual equivelant of a family-size packet of Skittles. Mmmmmmm...
  24. People you can't believe are dead

    I still can't believe John Peel is dead. He was the only sane voice on radio. Robin Cook too. Not that I was a fan, but it's still a bit odd hearing about the death of someone who was your countrys foreign secatery. Mo Mowlam too, now that I think of it. She rocked.
  25. Favorite Starfox Character?

    I'm a McCloud man myself. Being a long-time fan of the series (and still bitterly dissapointed with both Adventures and Assualt) I kinda have a softspot for all them of though. Even Krystal, who I actually think is one of the few good things to come out of Adventures. But I do agree - Slippy probably shouldn't be in first -