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  1. The Wrasslin' thread

    Shocking Wrestlemania! Only decent match was Punk v Taker, and that was only towards the end. Seemed the crowd weren't into the majority of the matches, very quiet for 80,000+ fans. From what I've read about Raw, I can't wait to watch it, but it seems like most of it should have happened at Mania, would have made it more exciting.
  2. The Wrasslin' thread

    The pre-show was utter bollocks, I at least thought the match would be a good 15 mins,
  3. Woohoo thanks postie, earlier than usual, must of known I wanted it today.
  4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Nope not really. But to Game it is lol. Needs to be a lot cheaper.
  5. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Game is doing a bundle for £69.99, saving about £6. I think it's a crap bundle, should have been £55-60. Link
  6. Darksiders II

    Same here, was looking forward to playing it this weekend. Zavvi has normally been fine for me, 2-3 days tops.
  7. The Wrasslin' thread

    To be honest, I'm not too fussed on Rock vs Cena, so much for once in a lifetime. I don't understand Swaggers push either, I thought Jericho would have won the Elimination Chamber, ABR vs Jericho could have been interesting. I don't want Takers streak to end either, but it makes sense what you said, Punk being able to brag about finally ending the streak.
  8. The Wrasslin' thread

    Is it just me or is Raw such a ball ache to watch? Ever since it went to 3 hours, I end up getting bored and wishing for it to end. Can not wait till Mania, looks like it'll be a classic, especially if Taker is against Punk, never been disappointed with their matches.
  9. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Can't wait till this is released, and if it's addictive like Tri, then it'll probably will be in my U for months to come! Looking forward to doing quests with you lot as well.
  10. 3DS Console Codes

    Just to say i've added everyone from the first post, can you all add me back.
  11. 3DS Console Codes

    Hi all, just got a 3DS and looking to play some games online, I've got Resident Evil: Mercenaries and Street Fighter. 0860-3370-8924 I'll be adding as many people as i can from the first post.
  12. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Wii Speak does sound awesome after going to David'd town and Maase's, im tempted to buy it now, does anyone know where its cheap to buy?
  13. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Cheers everyone for a good time lol, K.K. was a beast, il upload some pictures in a bit.
  14. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Alright everyone, just got this game today, and ive seen people say that to get snow you have to the play the game for 7 days, but the thing is ive only just got it today, and ive got snow now. lol.
  15. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    Here is my Pro evo code 2964-8546-0804 add me and then pm me or reply in this thread to say you've added me plz