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  1. What bands/artists do you like?

    Lots of different stuff i like but i'll keep it short, RAMMSTEIN!
  2. What Animal...

    I'd have to be a duck !
  3. Films you caught later.

    The warriors! I'm glad they made a game about it otherwise i doubt i would of ever watched it.
  4. Recommended MMORPG

    Yes get WoW, but be prepared to be heavily addicted to it, to the point you forget about real people. And i wouldn't really recommend any class it's all down to what you would like to do in game, damage dealing,healing, tanking etc..
  5. What do you do when you're not on here?

    Play WoW to much.
  6. Lady Lumps

    THis is the one where it goes, What you gonna do with all that JUnk JUnk in your trunk truck! these lyrics are truly Inspiring...

    Go play Star wars galaxies when they introuduce the new system, Jedi class ahoy!
  8. Indifferent! Indifferent! Indifferent!

    I'm very indifferent about SEESAWS.
  9. Happy! Happy! Happy!

    Badgers happy happy Badgers!! A badger driving a train...waht kind of train ? a steam train silly!
  10. Angry! Angry! Angry!

    Ahh the n00bs are moving in on our turf get the Warriors!(1979) but make sure that the china wall doesn't come to any harm, we don't wanna see that fall! Now decide!?! did that really happen or is it all in your fucking head soup crab!
  11. Where to go on dates?

    Take her to the Bank!
  12. HL2 Lost Coast - Out now! 56k

    It wasn't that great at all and yeah it was way to short for the amount of time people have been waiting for it.
  13. Where does your money come from?

    I have a Machine in my Basement that makes COUNTERFIT Money thats where all mine comes from, it also has been known to produce zombies occasionally.
  14. Jordan vs Dieter [56k no]

    Humiliation! X fifteen fifteen fifteen
  15. How do I dump a girlfriend?

    Just tell her you have a collection of dead badgers in your shed that you occasionally give homemade lemonade to. If that doen't work just hit her with a shovel.
  16. Favourite FPS Weapon

    Not the best weapon ever but i gotta mention the flame thrower from RTCW the flames effect looks so cool. Oh and duke nukem boots. :p
  17. Best PC game ever?

    I got Half life when it 1st came out all thoses years ago. And it was so different to everything else i ever played. So that's gotta be where my vote goes. And if you missed out on HL around when it came out you just won't get it. Especially if you compare it to todays offerings.
  18. Overrated

    I dunno if its because i play alot of PC FPS and play CS/CS:S alot(well no to much anymore) but halo 2 never really grabed me played the Multiplayer afew times but don't know what all the fuss is about. The only conclusion i came to is that if you only play console FPS, then halo 2 is like godly but to me its really overated.
  19. Official Quake 4 thread

    I got this last night and running it on High settings res 1280 X 720 put X2 AA on and it completely Killed my system turned it off and it ran like a dream.Wanted to test the game afew mins last night ending up playing it longer than i wanted(then realised i should get to bed). It's really good and far better than doom 3, there lots of cool scripted events. Which i thought seriously lacked in doom 3. I think i'm quite near the end and have every weapon(i think) there quite afew cool ones even tho i do end up using the trusty shotgun alot.Haven't played the multiplayer would like to but i can't :p
  20. Rammstein - Rosenrot, Oct 31st!! :D

    My friend said this band was great ahwhile back i heard a song and didnt take to them. But recently i listened to one of there albums and discovered how great they are. Had no idea about anew album coming out tho so i'll defiantly be getting it.
  21. Offical FEAR Thread

    The SP demo slaughted my old PC got anew Pc recently so should have no probs running it. I will 'acquire' it soon, been playing the mp demo which is alot of fun nothing like slow mo drop kicking fools. Also in the process of getting Quake 4. :p
  22. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I think everyone should be able to get a core system without it going out of stock on launch day it's just the Premium system that you won't be getting on release if you haven't preordered from the end of August onwards.
  23. Deposit Your Xbox Live Gamer Tags Here.

    Don't really play much Xbox live anymore even tho my Sub just got another year added. :p Add me anyway i might come on more seeming theres a large group playing here alot. Gamertag: Dark w0lf
  24. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    By the way in this image you can see all thoses pieces falling off the red dude.Thats his armor it falls off enemys to indicate how much Health they have left. Looks abit weird but might be a nice little feature.
  25. hey

    Well as long as these aliens are friendly and don't come to earth to hunt us down and take our skulls for throphys. And maybe some sort of jungle could be involved aswell and perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger.....