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  1. What bands/artists do you like?

    Lots of different stuff i like but i'll keep it short, RAMMSTEIN!
  2. What Animal...

    I'd have to be a duck !
  3. Films you caught later.

    The warriors! I'm glad they made a game about it otherwise i doubt i would of ever watched it.
  4. Recommended MMORPG

    Yes get WoW, but be prepared to be heavily addicted to it, to the point you forget about real people. And i wouldn't really recommend any class it's all down to what you would like to do in game, damage dealing,healing, tanking etc..
  5. What do you do when you're not on here?

    Play WoW to much.
  6. Lady Lumps

    THis is the one where it goes, What you gonna do with all that JUnk JUnk in your trunk truck! these lyrics are truly Inspiring...

    Go play Star wars galaxies when they introuduce the new system, Jedi class ahoy!
  8. Indifferent! Indifferent! Indifferent!

    I'm very indifferent about SEESAWS.
  9. Happy! Happy! Happy!

    Badgers happy happy Badgers!! A badger driving a train...waht kind of train ? a steam train silly!
  10. Angry! Angry! Angry!

    Ahh the n00bs are moving in on our turf get the Warriors!(1979) but make sure that the china wall doesn't come to any harm, we don't wanna see that fall! Now decide!?! did that really happen or is it all in your fucking head soup crab!
  11. Where to go on dates?

    Take her to the Bank!
  12. HL2 Lost Coast - Out now! 56k

    It wasn't that great at all and yeah it was way to short for the amount of time people have been waiting for it.
  13. Where does your money come from?

    I have a Machine in my Basement that makes COUNTERFIT Money thats where all mine comes from, it also has been known to produce zombies occasionally.
  14. Jordan vs Dieter [56k no]

    Humiliation! X fifteen fifteen fifteen
  15. How do I dump a girlfriend?

    Just tell her you have a collection of dead badgers in your shed that you occasionally give homemade lemonade to. If that doen't work just hit her with a shovel.