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  1. New X-men 3 Clip....SPOILERS

    Can't wait for this film. I'm curious what the new director will make of it. (The director of both 1 and 2 was Brian Singer btw.) It is a shame though that we will not see gambit...I always thought he was the coolest with his exploding cards.
  2. Perfect Dark Zero - New Shot Scans!

    It better be good. Microsoft has spent a lot of money on Rare so far, and the only game they released on Xbox was 'grabbed by the goolies' Not bad, but not a Rare classic as we were used to on N64
  3. strange Rev Controller images

    when I saw the first images of the new controller, I thought: now they really lost their mind at nintendo. Sony and Microsoft will own next generation of consoles, goodbye nintendo. But when I read about the motion sensor, and when I started thinking about it, actually this looks very promising. Just check the demo video and you see the great potential this controller has. It is also the first time that I'm looking forward to a new Mario Party game, cause with this new controller, that game just HAS to be awesome!!