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  1. 4 hours ago, Ike said:

    Aw I didn't know about these and I can't see the first pair and the fourth one is sold out in my size.

    The first one are the customs, so if you click to customise you can choose the One Piece pattern on a shoe of your choice.

  2. Barca being broke and asking UEFA for an up-front payment of future UCL money to put up against a loan, activating all these levers, selling TV rights, stadium name, not paying players full wages etc only to get knocked out of the UCL and being dumped into the UEL is a thing of beauty and I’m here for it! :grin:

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  3. The Mrs just messaged me to say my daughter (just turned 4) is playing this… she asked to play “the horsey game”… she’s generally just riding around on the horse, but then she comes across enemies and annihilates them! :D

    It helps that she’s playing on my file where I’m fully decked out, but still, nobody has told her how to play it (she’s only watched my stepdaughter play it a bit) and she’s figured it out herself, buttons and all.

     Definitely my daughter! :laughing:

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  4. Bought myself a pair of USD Aeon 60 Basic skates with a Reign V3 Liner… getting back into skating after 20+ years of not having skated.

    Can’t wait to get back to the skatepark but not looking forward to the bruises and bumps! :laughing:

    (I bought a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards too)


  5. How was Mane’s goal against West Ham onside but Lukaku’s in the final wasn’t?

    …same assistant on VAR too.

    It’s like the Rodri handball call against Everton. How are we getting such bad officiating with VAR?!


    but on the bright side, Reece James is back and is as brilliant as ever. What a player!

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