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  1. Gyro controls confirmed. https://www.gamesradar.com/apex-legends-season-5-interview/
  2. Apex Legends

    Big changes/balancing in today’s patch! https://answers.ea.com/t5/News-Game-Updates/LOST-TREASURES-PATCH-NOTES/td-p/9246067
  3. Football Season 2019-20

    Great weekend of football for Chelsea! Hopefully we can push on and make top 3.
  4. Apex Legends

    For me it’s easily the best BR game.
  5. Football Season 2019-20

    Luiz is class - because he’s Agent Luiz, sent to ruin Arsenal!
  6. Apex Legends

    Cross-play across all platforms is coming (including a Switch version too) “this fall”. Next event:
  7. A cross-platform, free to play CoD Battle Royale.
  8. Apex Legends

    Anyone still playing this? I’m on it almost exclusively at the moment and don’t see it changing anytime soon with Season 5 releasing today. It’s such a good game! I tend to be on with mates but every now and again there’s a space in the squad if anyone fancies it and sees me on.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Like I said, opinions.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    That’s why I included the word “decent” in there. ...of course it’s based on opinion, but mine is such that they’re not the stellar titles others think they are. Of all you mentioned only Link’s Awakening is a top tier title to me. Oh, online is shit too (as always).
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I’ve got to say, the Switch is fast becoming my least liked Nintendo console... I even had more fun with the WiiU than I am doing with Switch. There's too big a drought of big/decent First Party titles, Third Party lacking as always and the build quality of the JoyCon’s is awful, the analogues are dog-shit. JoyCon drift has ruined my time with my Switch, I hardly ever play it now. Still, I got the console, BotW & the Pro Controller for £27 after trading in my WiiU & games so at least I’ve not forked out loads on it. Just massively disappointed in it.
  12. It's a decent anime but not exactly one of the best. Mind you, I think that Naruto at its best was leagues ahead of My Hero Academia, so I don't think I'm the "norm" so to speak. In full agreement with this!
  13. Last of Us Part II

    I feel for those who get spoiled, but still, I don’t blame the Dev given the reports on how they were treated by Naughty Dog. EDIT: don’t look at the replies to the tweet if you don’t want spoiling!
  14. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Will pick this up when I’ve finally got some expendable cash! Skint ain’t the word!!!
  15. Football Season 2019-20

    I do completely agree... but it would be pretty darn funny!
  16. Working from home, kids not in school, but the big thing is that Ofsted cancelled their visit to our home to finalise my wife’s childminding registration... so now she can’t start work nor claim for loss of work because the registration wasn’t finalised. We’re going to struggle during this period.
  17. I’m really enjoying it, I still don’t see it taking over my game time like Apex has, but I’ll definitely split my time between the two.
  18. Exactly this. Apex has me hooked, it’s levels above others.
  19. General Switch Discussion

    I agree with @Hero-of-Time & @Dcubed, Nintendo have dropped the ball with the output of software, they’ve let the system down big-time! @drahkon there is one thing that the OS is missing but I just can’t seem to say it, it’s on the tip of my tongue but for whatever crazy reason I just can’t seem to (voice)chat about it. Hell, I’m so unenthused by the console these days that I haven’t played it in months (my step-kids have) and I can’t even be bothered taking it with me on my commute.
  20. Football Season 2019-20

    Another dodgy VAR call against us today too, Lo Celso should’ve had a red but wasn’t even carded!
  21. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    Holy shit!