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  1. Monster Hunter Rise

    Struggling for cash on this? Don’t...
  2. Monster Hunter Rise

    Nah, I’ll be on Apex Legends on the PS4. Most times I game I’ll be on that to be honest, haha.
  3. Monster Hunter Rise

    If there’s any truth to the rumours of a Switch Pro, do you think it’s feasible that a sequel to World will come out across all platforms?
  4. Monster Hunter Rise

    @Vileplume2000 sorted it for me, thanks guys.
  5. Monster Hunter Rise

    The app tells me that link is invalid or expired.
  6. Monster Hunter Rise

    How’s this Discord malarkey work then? I’ve downloaded the App to my phone but no idea what to do.
  7. Monster Hunter Rise

    @Blade twisted my arm into getting the online so I’ll be on... at some point in the future. Haha
  8. Monster Hunter Rise

    This playlist (not yet complete) will be a must for those unsure about what weapon to use or if anyone fancies giving any other weapon a go but doesn’t know much about them.
  9. Monster Hunter Rise

    Haha, I forgot I didn’t have Nintendo Switch Online! I guess I’ll not be joining you guys online, I’m not buying it just for this, I’ll be playing through single-player. It’ll not be the same but I’ll only be playing this here and there anyhoo.
  10. Monster Hunter Rise

    The issue extends to the radial menu too...
  11. Monster Hunter Rise

    Rise has shipped 4 millions copies!
  12. Monster Hunter Rise

    Is it not supposed to be a set-up for the upcoming DLC? The story, from what I’ve heard, is focused on the Rampage and that gets finished. The whole “a new threat coming” is supposed to be the cliffhanger setting up the DLC, not a continuation of the story arc (Rampage)... no?
  13. Monster Hunter Rise

    Huge praise all around for the game... Eurogamer stating this: https://twitter.com/eurogamer/status/1374376602709106691?s=21
  14. General Switch Discussion

    I’m half-gutted I bought the PowerA controller I did the other week, this will be the best Switch controller you can get...
  15. General Switch Discussion

    What do people make of the latest “Switch Pro” rumours, after the first batch of rumours the other week?
  16. General Switch Discussion

    I’m really disappointed in the Switch as a console. I’ve enjoyed very few games on it, it’s shoddily built and it’s online service/features is garbage. Still, I’ll play the hell out of BotW2 when it releases!
  17. General Switch Discussion

    My SR button on the JoyCon has stopped working... no idea why as I don’t remove them from the Switch and it’s not been banged or anything. I must say, with this and the drift I’ve got to say it’s the worst built Nintendo system I’ve ever owned.
  18. Monster Hunter Rise

    This YouTube playlist is brilliant! From the first video “Why I’m not buying Monster Hunter Rise” through his journey with World to him deciding he will buy Rise after all. It’s a good watch for anyone on the fence or not sure if they’re interested in the Monster Hunter games.
  19. Wowsers, could you imagine playing through it like this?!
  20. I changed the Response Curve in the control settings to Linear and I’m finding the aiming much more responsive and smooth... might be worth a try if something has felt off to you so far.
  21. The first Switch patch is upon us... hopefully the “several Switch fixes” make the game run a little more smoothly.
  22. It’ll be supported with updates and patches so I hopefully issues are ironed out fast. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/03/feature_panic_button_and_respawn_on_the_challenge_of_bringing_apex_legends_on_switch
  23. I played a game last night after having been on the PS4 version all night (after the servers finally let me on) and the difference between the two, although massive, doesn't ruin the fun. The Switch version feels a bit slower and more cumbersome because of the drop in frames but the core gameplay is still there and still fun, it just doesn’t have the level of polish the other consoles have. Hopefully there’ll be a couple performance related patches coming to stabilise the frame-rate. It’d make the world of difference! I came 2nd in the game, which I played pretty much all by myself after my teammates either disconnected or just left immediately after being downed. I almost had the win after downing 2 of the last team but I just couldn’t quite get that final kill - I absolutely believe I’d have won if I was on the PS4 against that same team of 3, without issue. I didn’t turn off cross-play but I think it’d be wise to do so when you play this. You can clearly feel that you’d be at a disadvantage to those on other consoles if you’ve played the two - an insurmountable disadvantage to be honest. Also, the controller I bought plays like a dream! Even if it’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment, with a pre-made squad of us, it’d be so much fun!