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  1. more rev info coming?

    I'm looking forward to info on the Wifi service and the download service, price isn't too big an issue for me, i'm sure whatever price it comes out at i'll be happy!
  2. SSBM - Who do you go?

    They're all good, really good in different ways, but as i said, i feel luigi is the most balanced for me!
  3. nintendo announce (personal game idea)

    yeah i'd like to see an rpg type game that u use level up points and unlockable moves etc! with online co-op and maybe even online counter co-op, set in a massive world against a giant army!!! in real-time as opposed to turn based! somethin thats really epic!
  4. Just had a Breakdown

    it's hard but u'll manage! i broke 3 weeks ago, after 22yrs too, it all had built up and then triggered after seeing my ex and when my mates had a fight, for no reason, it just really upset me and set me off past few months really took it out of me and i just bottled it up (its really not healthy), getting put in jail in thailand, being "let go" from my job when i got back and getting dumped by my g/f a week later just pushed me too far! picking myself up now, i've accepted everything and took it in my stride, spoken to a couple friends about it (it helped so much, they didnt even realise how messed up i had been) and now on my way again you can do it, it just takes time!
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    yeah i know, just in the mood for being a tw@t! i'm just nit-picking! plus after a very expensive mishap on holiday cant think about speding more money too soon (i'm in full-swing "scrooge-mode")! ha ha i'll probs get it, i just cant help moaning for some reason!
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    because i want to play games online, preferrably free (silver service) which is only available on the 360... compare it to the other consoles and its little things like that putting me off
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'm still not sure about this one, perfect dark seems a decent enough excuse to get one but i really dont like the idea of the backwards compatability issue!
  8. Ps3 Q2/06

    the only 2 that took hold of me were Ico and God of War, although Katamari is a breath of fresh air its just not for me. i'm hoping sony carry on making some decent games, a few more on the PS3 may tempt me to buy it!
  9. Football Season 05/06

    My uncle played for chelsea in the 70's, mike harrison i've been supporting for years, blood's thicker than water! lol
  10. Football Season 05/06

    MWAH-HA-HA!!! Who's gonna stop us?! Come on the Chelsea!!!
  11. Football Season 05/06

    good old frank! we love him!
  12. 3.5/5 can't go wrong with yoshi!
  13. Gamecube a Letdown?

    let down?! are ya mad?!
  14. I have to agree, it does seem to be shaping up that way! It's quite easily my most anticipated game of all time!!!
  15. Cradle needed for most retro game downloads?

    I think the IGN mock-up is fine enough, no need for extras really, it has the right amount of buttons, for controllers with less buttons just go to options and select the buttons you wish to use!
  16. Your Revolution Thoughts

    1. Autumn '06 worldwide launch (hopes) 2. £200 approx. 3. Controller, "nunchuck", "shell", demo and 1 free retro download 4. £30 5. Controller (i think you'll get packages offering with shell/analogue too) 6. Black, white and silver 7. ARGH, can't decide, white or black, probably decide on the toss of a coin! :lmao: 8. Super Smash Bros Online
  17. Funny Rev video

    phone booth is with colin pharrel not tom cruise
  18. The fight for the Moon

    Don't we just love the moon: http://www.rathergood.com/moon_song/
  19. sigs...

    Hey, I'm a bit of a plonker when it comes to using a PC, tried giving myself a sig and i'm stuck in trying to do so... Basically i'm tryingto upload a pic on my PC to use as my sig, is this possible, if so how do i do it?! thanks
  20. Whats Your favourite Nintendo consloe

    hmmm, that is close, almost SNES/cube but N64 takes the cake for me! Although I've got a feeling the Rev is gonna change my mind! lol
  21. Unleashed

    Set in Scotland aint it? Watched it in Thailand in the cinema! Good film, I love Jet Li films, Fist of Legend is his best!
  22. 4/5, nice light-saber effect!
  23. SSBM - Who do you go?

    I find that I'm probably at my peak with Luigi, for me he is the most balanced character there is!
  24. Well that just says it for me! :bow:
  25. Nintendo's Reply

    I don't see a big point in the gun add-on, the controller works well enough as a gun on its own! it doesn't need an add-on!