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  1. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    you see, once more he doesn't make any sense! what's that about?!
  2. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    WOW, how many times in one day can a guy be wrong?! "tech spec because the one i posted is right for me 100%" - THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! I won't go to school on you again because i have done in previous posts but seriously, actually look at what you're typing?! You don't stop contradicting yourself half the time!
  3. People getting excited for the Revo?

    xino, tell me this, what games are considered by most, including critics, reviewers and gamers alike, to be the best in the world? Nintendo games! Ocarina of Time anyone?! once more you show your low level of IQ and poor reasoning skills and once more i owned you!!!
  4. People getting excited for the Revo?

    xino doesn't know much, he shows it very well, i wasn't in before so i couldn't respond to one of his replies and now the thread is locked! I would have loved to have been able to reply because i could pick apart his statement bit by bit and prove him totally and completely incorrect!!! he even went on to contradict himself in his own post which made me laugh, poor guy, its people like him i really feel for! so all in all, i'd probably say its best to ignore him, occasionally he makes slight sense, but not all too often!
  5. A new tought about controlling

    Sprout, I'm not sure he'll understand the word profanities! sorry, couldn't resist! haha!
  6. Gamecube a Letdown?

    Having just schooled xino in the rev boards and looking at all of his posts, only one thing springs to mind: CASUAL GAMER yes he has opinions, but they're usually ill-known opinions! he doesn't know much about anything he comments on! he should think before posting really and give sound arguements to back up his views, otherwise his points just don't hold any water!!!
  7. A new tought about controlling

    WOW, you certainly know how to make one laugh!!! 1. you don't know if the analogue attatchment comes with the console when purchased. FACT. 2. you haven't held it and don't know how comfortable it is. FACT. 3. it doesn't have a touch-screen sensor. FACT. 1. i mention the possibilty of paying for peripherals because there are more than just the analogue attatchment- standard controller design anyone? 2. look at the underside of the controller, it differs to remotes, this is because it is intended for use of extended periods of time, thus it is much more ergonomically designed! 3. you don't actually TOUCH anything do you? it's a pointer, not a touch-screen sensor! I suggest you read a few hands-on impressions before posting your i'll-known opinions of the controller. i suggest the ign.com or 1up.com hands-on article, they say it is extremely comfortable and brilliant in its application! YOU, my friend, have just been schooled!!!
  8. A new tought about controlling

    first off, a peripheral is an "add-on" (eg: the analogue attatchment) so you hate it because of the way it looks? bit petty wouldn't you say? have you held it? do you know how comfortable it is? judging on past nintendo controllers could you see it being uncomfy? so why should you hate it? - *in a chavs irritating voice* "coz it lookz crap!!!!11one!!!" you don't back up your arguements very well! thats all! ps: does it have a "touch" screen sensor?
  9. ha ha, no but you have been a bit anti-nintendo today haven't you, and looking at your posts you give no evidence to back your arguements up!
  10. ha ha, i've been logged on for about 6mins today only and already seen 3 "anti-nintendo" posts from xino... weird huh? lol edit: make that 4 anti-nintendo posts now!
  11. A new tought about controlling

    what are your reasons for hating it? the only possible one i could think of is that you're unwilling to pay for the peripherals... other than that i simply can't see any other downside to it at all!!!
  12. GAME email

    They can't "buy" shelf space can they, wouldn't that be breaching some trade laws?!
  13. People getting excited for the Revo?

    I'm not surprised the PS3 is number one, but I am surprised that the Xbox360 has so little votes! I knew the Rev would gather interest but wasn't sure it would gather this much! Lets hope sales will reflect this yet even better!!!
  14. who likes teh chicken ?

    Ya can't go wrong with chicken!
  15. Physics Processor - a technical question

    Oh well, from what I've read I hope that Nintnedo does include a PPU in the Rev now!
  16. SSBM - Stage Select

    the only stage i'm not fond of is pokemon floats, the only one! all the rest are great!
  17. Help stop this unspeakable cruelty

    funnily enough i've tried dog, it's quite nice! Shark too! Still, signed!
  18. The Happy Birthday Thread

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (me included) ha ha!
  19. SSBM - Stage Select

    Hyrule Castle and Final Destination!
  20. The Happy Birthday Thread

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! (yeah there is a calendar showing birthdays!)
  21. Return of the Great CE Quiz!

    6. swimming? you dont cross the line, only reach it!
  22. The Big Question!

    Metroid Prime takes the top-spot! Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess may well be it's successor! Current top 5: 1. Metroid Prime 2. Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker 3. Resident Evil 4 4. SSBM 5. Viewtiful Joe
  23. Well lets secure a decent amount of shelve space by ALL OF US pre-ordering!!! Maybe if it's seen as in demand then it will get a decent amount of space!
  24. more rev info coming?

    dazzybee, surely you jest!