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  1. Football Season 05/06

    I agree you were having most of the possession but come on, beat us?! it's hard to see it at Three Point Lane (oops, ha ha, i meant White Hart), never mind the Bridge!!!
  2. Artic Monkeys = awesome

    Aw! Here's me hoping to see little snow-apes!
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Well I've been enjoying X05, a few games have gathered more of my interest and methinks i'll be getting a 360 after all! (not on launch tho, too skint!) Perfect Dark Kameo Gears of War Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Too Human all these titles have my interest right now!
  4. Xbox360:Too Human First Look

    Thank god for gamertrailers.com! I've got flash player, it's just some fault with my PC i think. Anyhoo, I did like the trailer and silicon knights sure can tell a story! i'm sure it'll be great!
  5. Photoshop this please :)

    alas, without alcohol he is doomed! doomed i tell you!!!!!!!!
  6. Xbox360:Too Human First Look

    Grrr, damn my PC, I can't do anything with it! Damn viruses or whatever!!! i can't watch the vids for some reason, never can! grrrr!
  7. Revolution's Graphics

    I'm not too fussed but I'd imagine it'll be on par (not noticeable at least) with the Xbox360. As long as the games look as good as Res Evil 4 (minimum) I'll be happy!
  8. Ha ha, so true! *sets off to kidnap Miyamoto*
  9. Funny Zelda Parody

    That is SO SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Shigsy talks about the ON

    I'm not expecting! Not for next-gen at least, maybe not as a main part of the system but as an accesory, yes.
  11. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    Well I think it looks great! I LOVED Perfect Dark on the N64, hope it doesn't stray from the "feel" of the first! I'd say Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were on par with each other!
  12. Metroid Prime

    My sentiments EXACTLY! To say it seems the metroids were just thrown-in isn't well-founded! Did you actually utilise your scan visor much at all? scanning is how you are "told" the game's storyline and that storyline was great! What a game, absolutely breathtaking!
  13. I hope the controller shells...

    I'd say you want it at the top in case they implement the "pointer" into the game. I wouldn't want to be "unsheathing" the controller from the shell though, it'd be just an annoyance after a while, plus if you take the controller out of the shell, wouldn't that leave the shell inoperable during that time?!
  14. Any of you guys seen the 1up.com editor roundtable vid? They clearly state that the way they see it, Nintendo have just created the PS4 controller! So ya never know, could well happen! ha ha!
  15. Hmmmm, I'm thinking they pulled the figures out of somewhere else! :p 5mil only! Yeah right!
  16. What did you get in the post today?

    I got my P45!!! I quit my job last week and have once more entered into the realms of "bum-ville"! ha ha!
  17. Yep, it was doing my head in, I'm useless on the PC so i've changed it to this for now! 9/10 I like the kirby sig!
  18. Recent Nintendo Ads-Getting Better?

    Only ads I still see of nintendo's are the DS ads
  19. Well, I guess I'd agree with McMad. The numbers are far below what I expect the Rev will actually sell though!
  20. 8/10 Ya gotta love Jet Li!!! ...and WOO-HOO!!! I've finally got myself a sig, a bit poor like but it's a sig none the less!
  21. "Press UP, X or Y to jump"

    I tend to use Y most of the time but occasionally use the analogue too (usually for the double jump). I guess I just mix it up but use Y 90% of the time! Whichever i feel will be my quickest reaction!
  22. Joanna Dark gets on FHM cover!

    I agree, I'd much rather look at your girlfriend too! IT'S ONLY A JOKE! Sorry, I really couldn't let that slip by me, it's too hard to resist being cheeky! Ha ha!
  23. Football Season 05/06

    I wouldn't agree after 80mins of todays match! come on lads!!!!!! 3-1, lets try get a 4th!!! edit: the minute i post we score a 4th! COME ON!!!
  24. if you're not too sure about it, it's probably best to just rent it i guess.
  25. Questions

    never mind my post, just THANK GOD XINO IS BANNED!!!!!!!!!!! although i really would've loved to tear into him!!!