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  1. Nextgen Zelda - First Person?

    HA HA! That's brilliant Rolf!!! I find it really easy to make the jumps int the Prime series, it just seems natural, you automatically look downwards as you're descending on it. It works so well!
  2. Nintendo said it'll have a "revolutionary" new way of controlling, which I feel they have! I was simply picking up on the word revolution (have a look what it means, how it can be applied) and used it to a different effect in the title of the thread. It makes sense, but it doesn't mean I see it that way so it's not by my logic at all!
  3. Metroid Prime, just the atmosphere this game oozes, it was so refreshing, finally a game that grasped me like Ocarina of Time had done, reading the space pirate logs of how I had kept infiltrating their labs and stopping their work. Simply amazing! Wind Waker, pure magic, I felt touched when you fist speak to the Deku Tree and he starts to speak to you in ancient Hylian, seeing you as the Hero of Time! Beautiful! Eternal Darkness, the level at which this game plays with your mind is great! I remember the game showing an error message and I was thinking my still quite new Cube had crashed! Very clever and brilliantly scripted! Res Evil (remake and 4), the scares they both gave me, the atmosphere and tension. Gripping! All these games had me going through different emotions whilst playing them! These next few only had me feeling one, FUN! SSBM MK: DD SMB Viewtiful Joe It's these games that I'll remember my cube by mostly, such great games!
  4. I remember that, that was a good read, very interesting! Oh well, time will tell!!!
  5. URGH! I shudder at the thought!!!!!!!
  6. Rumour: Revolution to be $99

    Ha ha, so true! So so true!!!
  7. Ha ha, we need that "whatif" machine talked about in one of the other threads!
  8. Have you played any of the others since you played Wind Waker? If ya haven't, I suggest you do, you will LOVE them, undoubtedly!!!
  9. Nextgen Zelda - First Person?

    I don't like the idea of a FP Zelda to be honest, or RTS for that matter, the Zelda franchise has been the epitamy of action/adventure games for so long they just feel at home there!
  10. Football Season 05/06

    Beckham hasn't been playing well for quite a while now, I think it's a good thing he's not playing against Poland. Even so, here's how I think Sven will have them line up for Poland now: Robinson, Young, Ferdinand, Terry, Carragher, J.Cole, Gerrard, Lampard, Richardson, Rooney, Owen. I think I'd throw Shaun Wright-Phillips in there, for Richardson. I think the problem for Beckham is that he can't go past people, yes he's got a great pass but so have Gerrard and Lampard! Plus the wing-men who'll now get a chance can go past people! I wouldn't say he's a great captain either, go for Gerrard or Terry, 2 captains who have shown at club level they're great leaders! I jut hope we see more positive play and enthusiasm!
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    but the corporate cock taste so ni.... erm, i mean, erm.... it's more common sense than anything though, you're best not talking negatively about a product of your own that is yet to go on sale!
  12. dunno where it's from or exactly what it is... but i sure do love it! 4/5
  13. Yep, known about this for a while, little more to it I believe though wasn't there?
  14. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'm quite calm, i'm just responding in a similar manner to how i had perceived your comments, i saw them as a little childish and unfounded! *end of rant* I appologise if anyone had taken my comments the wrong way, it's just that i may have taken your's the wrong way too!
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Don't be a plonker! Obviously I know this happens as I've already stated, but for Allard to actually come out and admit it isn't very business like is it?! You don't want to talk about negative points on your about to be realeased console!!! Thats my point, the fact he is saying this before the release, it would be easier (and normal business practice) to maybe say these things after its release when consumers have already bought it! DUH!!!!!!!! I take it you've not studied any form of business, either at degree, A level or even GCSE level!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Well DUH, I'm not doubting that, but don't you think it would've been better for them (and us as gamers) for them to wait to release the console when the games are ready for it?! Have you read the full atricle, he even goes on to contradict himself in it! What we learned with Halo [2] is you don't ship a game before it's ready and yet that's what you're doing at launch, with these "sloppy games"!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Hmmm, J Allard certainly is a plonker! Check out this interview, http://www.gamespot.com/news/6135302.html and in particular this part: Q: Developers have already said they're filling up the space on the 360's DVD format and are having problems with compression. How's Microsoft responding to these concerns? JA: Oh, we try to do better with compression. I mean, we're not totally where we want to be with compression. Honestly, just to be frank, the stuff comes in hot. Here we're trying to do a worldwide launch of this very ambitious program and developers will tell you that they're not really satisfied with what we did with the DVD emulator or compression. And, therefore, their layouts on DVD…they're struggling with that. They're cutting corners. I mean, basically, what happens is when you get final hardware late, you're sloppy. … You got to take every out you can, and so they're not applying all their talents as they will next year or the year after to get every little bit they can out of it. They're being a little sloppy with the CP. They're being a little sloppy with the disk. They're being a little sloppy with the formats and compression to make launch. And next year, you'll see that they tighten that up and they can get more out of the system by using the same disk capacity, the same memory, and the same art tools. They'll be able to get a lot more out of the system next year. So does that mean we're probably best buying the console a while after it's release because the games aren't that great on it just yet? Developers being sloppy?!
  18. J Allard invented revolution.....

    J Allard, try not to make me laugh too much! Has he been paying attention to the developer comments and enthusiasm behind the Rev controller? If he did come up with a "similar" controller idea, then it must not have been good in it's application and thus not got much attention! What a plonker!
  19. I totally agree, and what fun it is too!!!!!!!!! It's a great chance for little-known studios to take advantage and come up with ideas and concepts on games they'd like to produce for the Rev, with it having a different take on the gaming (control) there isn't as much competition (big franchise names) to drown out these developer's games! It also gives the better known developers chance to expand their game horizons, take a series in a different direction, create a new IP. I hope we see devs really challenging themselves and being creative! I can't wait to see what lies in store for the Rev!
  20. Python Eats Gator...sort of.

    Fecking hell!!!!!!!!! Eyes bigger than it's belly I guess!!!!!!! HA HA!
  21. Soul calibur 2

    I wouldn't say I've got a fav, they're all great! I'd say it depends who I'm fighting against and how I want to fight that makes me pick certain characters!
  22. did i pay too much ?

    There is nothing wrong with that! I bought Super Metroid at the beginning of the year for £32 and I do not regret that one bit!
  23. Lets have everyones input here......

    Res Evil 5 Timesplitters Star Wars (with some light-saber action)
  24. Rev and Xbox 360, my bro will undoubtedly get a PS3.
  25. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    anyone seen the new perfect dark trailer? it's a well put together trailer i can say that much, a definate purchase for me! http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=7973&type=mov