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  1. Yeah, you heard wrong. Surely.
  2. Football Season 05/06

    Don't worry I don't flame with football, I love banter! I hold my hands up and admit we wouldn't be as we are without Abramovich, thats fair enough, but its not like I wish we didn't have him there, yeah we're lucky, extremely lucky, but business is business and he's here and its helped us!
  3. Football Season 05/06

    whats funny is that nobody had said the players we bought were the top players in their position before we bought them. they were just good before they came to chelsea... and now remind me of who won the prem after that 49 unbeaten streak of yours.
  4. Iwata on Third Party support

    This is always good to hear! FPS's could really be great on the Rev if applied properly, REALLY GREAT!!! I'd love to hear devs saying they're supporting/porting their games to the Rev (as Retro_Link says, especially ResEvil 5)!
  5. Football Season 05/06

    So erm, remind me of how the Premiership is looking at this moment in time... Thanks!
  6. Football Season 05/06

    Well I think a draw would've been a fair result but you don't always get fair. United played the better in the first half. Second half Chelsea dominated but couldn't produce the final goods. All in all the thing that annoys me most is that the majority of my friends are united fans and now I'm getting a barrage of txts... bugger!
  7. Metroid Prime 1&2 Wind Waker SSBM Res Evil 4 Viewtiful Joe Eternal Darkness MKDD
  8. Reggie talks about Nintendo's strategy

    This, I feel, is true. This needs to be marketed really well. No poor attempts like they've done with past consoles (albeit the DS campaign was decent).
  9. What do you do when you're not on here?

  10. Reggie talks about Nintendo's strategy

    Yeah, thanks for the read!
  11. Just thought I should bump the thread as it's near the programmes "air-time" I hope it's at least half-decent! Thing is, with it being in the UK i can see it giving little info towards Nintendo and focused on PS and Xbox mainly.
  12. XIII

    Yeah XIII is a great game, it's got a decent story for an FPS (albeit predictable) and its got a nice design too. For a £5 it's a MUST-HAVE!!! Hey Dee, is it my copy of XIII you have?
  13. Yeah, it's funny, Nintendo are just picking random guys off the internet to test the Revolution. They flew me out to Kyoto and gave me a demo of it too! Obviously I can't disclose too much info about it because of the NDA's etc but here's what I can say: It involved the nunchuck set up, the console itself and an injection of some sort of serum into my neck. Somehow by magic I felt transported into a magical place and was at war with none other than Shigeru Miyamoto himself! We were running about with medievil weapons fighting each other, I managed to kill him with a crossbow... After I came too (the serum had worn off) we had tea and biscuits and then I flew home... but why me?! WHAT A TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. This (although not great for us) may be good for Nintendo. If they release it in Japan first (the Japanese market are the ones most likely to snap it up by the bucket load, lets face it!) and it sells really well, a 3 month gap would be healthy. Europe would see how well it's doing and it's more likely to catch on to more and more people as a result of this. It just needs the right marketing too!
  15. I think this could be brilliant, with this feature on my DS I've convinced 3 friends to get Advance Wars DS , initially there weren't going to pick it up (didn't like the look of it) but after a bit of battling they're in love with the game and have bought it now. It'll advertise the games to those who don't have them, like a demo of the game.
  16. Is this true, are you sure, 100%? If so, that's amazing! This would be great, I can't wait for more news!!!
  17. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/09/29/news_6134710.html Well there's an interesting read, I can't wait to see them proven wrong! (hopes) Through 2008, Gikas and Wissink expect Microsoft to sell 19.6 million Xbox 360 units, with the PlayStation 3 and Revolution trailing at 15.5 million and 5 million units, respectively But while the PS3 is expected to accelerate quickly and lead all systems with 8.5 million units sold in 2008, the ambitious Revolution is listed as starting slow (500,000 units sold in 2006), and lagging behind its competition with 2 million and 3 million systems moved in 2007 and 2008, respectively
  18. Favourite Film Quotes

    Raising Arizona, Nic Cage to the "Biker", having pulled a pin from one of the many grenades strapped to the bikers body after being beaten up really badly by him: "I'm sorry"
  19. Well, I'm a bit drunk still and my head hurts so I thought I'd log on and get some Zelda goodness to make me feel better (even tho it's 5:55am, ooer)! I've just re-watched the 3 Twilight Princess trailers (E304, GDC, E305) and they still give me butterflies! I'm SUPER-HYPED for this game!
  20. Revolution In May?!?

    I reckon we'll get the release date come May (E3), not the release of the console itself! But if we did, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  21. Developer Fanboyism

    I think the best way to calm everybody down and show that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about is by reading this again: Returning to TGS’s showflow after playing the demos is a faintly surreal process. Suddenly, the 360 looks incredibly old-fashioned. Picking up a DualShock for a quick play of Rogue Galaxy seems preposterous
  22. Zelda Revo Video

    Where can I pre-order this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. The revolution - Unknown features

    If this actually happens, that would be great. Could you imagine incoming bullet fire... AWESOME!
  24. What is your ethnic background?

    Half English and half Iranian, little bit of Scottish and Irish thrown in there on the English side of the family too.
  25. A sequel to Jet Force Gemini would be awesome, that game was just SO good, oh so good!!!