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  1. Revo name speculation

    On the other Rev name thread, Konfucious came out with this which, to me, sounds most likely what could be done. don't have any ideas toward names though
  2. so... pretty much a Gamesmaster/Bits hyrbid.
  3. I didn't think much of the ideas they were queried about. I can't believe they didn't touch on FPS, RTS and other genres...
  4. Well the BBC have put the show online for those of us who don't have the luxury of BBC2 Scotland. Because of licensing laws it's only legal to watch it if you're from the UK... yeah like that's gonna stop people! Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/tv/videogaiden/
  5. I'm wondering how hyped people are for the Revolution, the reasons for you being/not being so hyped about it and what you're looking forward to most on it. I'm really hyped for the Rev, I haven't been this hyped for a console since the jump from SNES to the N64 and the era of 3D gaming and needless to say it's because of that controller! I say Nintendo seem to have hit the nail on the head with this one! I really can't wait to take the Rev online, Smash Bros is what i'm most hyped about, i can't wait to get gaming with everyone! I'm looking forward to see Nintendo and others create some "new" genres geared around the controller and also how they tackle current genre's to add to the gaming experience. WOOOOO i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Perfect Dark Zero scores... http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/perfectdarkzero/review.html?page=1
  7. Not a bad theory, I'm not a fan of having Link die though, he's just too... I dunno, nooooooooo! Here's another thought: Hyrule IS flooded, yet as opposed to this being the end of the game, it's an event that is simply part of the progressing storyline. Link manages to get to high ground and now has to defend the last remaining strongholds from falling, these in turn end up being the islands of Wind Waker, as Link survives for his lineage to continue... I dunno, just bored and thinkin of possibilities.
  8. PS3's Price Announced

    Hmmm, interesting.
  9. You could always mention how, with the Rev, you can play Nintendo's library of games that were on past consoles too... Anyhoo, I think it would be good if they show the demo's that were at the TGS, particularly the Metroid Prime 2 demo. They've had a decent amount of timeto refine them a little more too, it would be good for the public to see the demo's too, generate a little more interest!
  10. I'd say £35 is worth it for Goldeneye alone
  11. George Harrison talks to IGN

    I think the controller is the big thing, the rest will be little things to keep our interest in the system at a max. I can't wait for more info!
  12. conundrums

    good thought there but how about this we weren't created by accident, just by chance, it was neither a mistake nor deliberate. therefore i still don't believe in god
  13. Children in Need

    I'm in the exact same boat as ya RoadKill, crap aint it?! haha
  14. Whats Your favourite Nintendo consloe

    only 3 games? wow that aint much, what were they?
  15. revoution controller

    It could really suit FPS games and I think this will be where it's most natural to use.
  16. Roy Keane leaves Man Utd

    A great player he was, still influencial within the team, this isn't what they wanted at this time in the season. After beating us (Chelsea) they would want Keane to add his leadership in the dressing room and on the pitch and to continue to press. Without him I feel this is only going to be much harder.
  17. I'm gonna do a little dance of joy! WOOOOOOOO!!!
  18. So I'm browsing the N-Query section of IGN and come across Matt saying this... Now with the quality of the fighters that namco make I'm hoping that we'll be getting a decent fighting game ala Soul Calibur and Tekken and also maybe a Tales game! I'm hoping that with Namco being a party in the Tri-Force Arcades that they will start working more and more closely with Nintendo like we've already seen with Starfox Assault.
  19. Metroid Prime - The atmosphere this game had! It simply oozed atmosphere, it really gave me a sense of the Metroid Universe, more so than ever before. This was simply breathtaking, I felt fully immersed into the gamimg world and never wanted it to end! ps - surely you can't include OOT or MM as they're N64 games really
  20. Exclusive FPS for Revolution by UBISoft!!

    Well I sure hope that this turns out to be a system seller! I love a good FPS!
  21. Sonys downfall (editorial)

    As long as Nintendo are always on the scene I'll be happy!
  22. Veiwtiful Joe Worth Playin

    MUST-HAVE title
  23. I'd say Wind Waker just edges it for me, Majora's Mask is fantastic I just prefer the standard open play as opposed to the three day limit. Both exellent in their own way though!
  24. Rare know where it's at... they still love the Big N!!!
  25. Mark Rein talks about Revolution again!

    I think Merrick threatened him with violence! All hail Merrick!!!!!!!!!!!