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  1. champions league draw 2006

    Chelsea - Barca is gonna be awesome, love the way you lot are writing off Chelsea straight away (like people did last season) don't forget we beat them last season!
  2. A proper Cartoon Comedy poll

    Out of those, Simpsons, as it was the "father" of the cartoon comedies. BUT... the best cartoon comedy for me is, Sealab 2021 on Adult swim! AWESOME!!!
  3. Fantasy Football Mk III

    MWAH-HA-HA-HA!!! top of the league!!!
  4. I remember suggesting this back when the delay was first mentioned! I think it would be a great move on Nintendo's part. I know a fair few people who are considering getting the Rev that don't have a cube, a bundle with TP, i think, would push them over the edge and more or less guarantee them getting it - a chance to play one of the best games ever along with an awesome new console!
  5. Touch me baby! Or touch the Revolution controller!

    Oooooh! I like that!
  6. Nintendo and the demi-generation

    This quote is completely wrong! If anything the Revolution is more "next-gen" than the PS3 or Xbox360. Demi-generation? kind of a half step into next-gen?... To me a brand new control system and ideas seems NEXT-gen and same games with only better graphics only seems the half step!
  7. Football Season 05/06

    Yeah like transfer in Mourinho and the Chelsea team.
  8. Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do!

    I heard them sometime earlier this year - shiver
  9. About the EGM Rumor

    With some games this is true, but the capability of the graphics on the 360 aren't comparable to the current gen consoles. Look at Gears of War, that looks awesome, easily better than any current gen game! Idon't think current gen could push graphics to that extent.
  10. Man this is gonna be HARD!!!!!!!! 1. Ocarina of Time - I felt like I was in danger, like it was MY land at risk. The emotions I experienced playing this game were real! 2. Metroid Prime - I was Samus Aran (albeit a bloke), one of the most atmospheric experiences in a game ever, pure brilliance! 3. Perfect Dark - My favourite multiplayer experience, everything I wanted after Goldeneye and more was here in this game! 4. Mario Kart 64 - Once again, multiplayer genius, 4 player Mario Kart; awesome! 5. Super Metroid - It's Metroid, more or less the same reasons as Prime. This is probably the closest to a list of 5 I can come, argh, I want to put others in there but don't want to take others out... surely I could say some are on par with others?! ARGH!
  11. That date has gone down in my diary... well, i don't actually have a diary but ya know what i mean! *books time off work!
  12. Is it Inevitable?

    Man this is old! any locking?!
  13. Have yourself a Nintendo Christmas.

    Mario Kart multiplayer bliss, from the SNES, N64 and Cube versions!!!!!!!
  14. Metroid Prime 3 = FPS?

    This has gotta be my most anticipated announced Rev title, I love the Metroid series, thought Prime was absolutely genius, can't wait to get on this one!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Metroid Prime 3 = FPS?

    I thought the Spierball Boss was great in Echoes, I only found the Boostball Boss Irritating! Plus the screw attack was awesome! Still, I prefer Prime!
  16. Metroid Prime 3 = FPS?

    I'd imagine it'll have FPS style controls, but I wouldn't call it an FPS as such as it isn't really a "shooter" as much as it is an adventure game. We'll still see it heavily emphasising exploration and puzzles and to me this is what stops it from being labelled an FPS and makes it an FPA.
  17. Well I'm replaying through a few of my games, just finished MP Echoes on hard 100% again, now I'm playing through Res Evil 4 again on professional about to face off against Krauser. Plus when my mates are round SSBM and Mario Kart are always getting the rounds!
  18. Nintendo is right

    Nah, I reckon the Rev will be one sturdy console! The Gamecube was, it could've been used as a weapon, hold the handle and bludgeon people to death with it!
  19. My problem is that I'm far too lazy and get stuck in a rut of not being arsed... been quite a damn while since i last worked (end of sept), now i've just settled for temping for a bit... poop but I sure need the money!
  20. Nintendo is right

    MonkeyPunch has said it all too well! Although even if there wasn't any 3rd party games I'd still get the Rev for Nintendo games alone, they're just that good!
  21. Football Season 05/06

    Van Persie's goal was awesome, absolutely awesome! git! haha Crespo scoring is good to see, good goal-scorers goal too, then the bugger goes off with a knock...
  22. Nintendo is right

    I think the 360 is pretty decent, good online service, good graphics (it does add atmosphere) a great controller and good games. Fair enough, so far there isn't anything new as such, but that doesn't mean there won't be. Look at the Cube, that's got the same control method but has some games that felt new and fresh (Metroid Prime, Pikmin, Viewtiful Joe to name a few). From impressions of games like Gears of War, Peferct Dark Zero (reviews) and then games to come out on it, Halo 3, Res Evil 5, it WILL have good games.
  23. December 2nd Theories

    I can see the name being announced and maybe a showing of the "shell". I think they should show the demo's from TGS too (not behind closed doors this time) but I don't think it'll happen.
  24. Whats your Fav "Feel Good" Song?

    Rocking Music - Martin Solveig