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  1. I'm Back

    I love you BigTac! Ha ha. Thanks for the news... hmmm, unknown genre eh?
  2. Tea versus Coffee

    Coffee, milky, one sugar, nice!
  3. OMG! XIII!

    Great game, great storyline, great presentation!
  4. Advertising the Revolution...

    Just thought I'd bump the thread see if we've been inspired recently to think of any more ideas! I think an advert like the Mario Kart DS ad would be quite effective, with people playing each other from different parts of the world. For example in an FPS you could have guys running about with the controller in their hands shooting at each other (albeit in different countries) and mixing this with gameplay clips etc to show the action as it would be on screen. Once more ending with a black screen and blue line with the voice over of the slogan. Back to lots of quick clips from different types of games and gamers playing them. Ending on Nintendo *insert final end product name here*, in stores *insert date* I still cant think of another decent slogan so for now I'm sticking with "Take Control".
  5. Revolution slogans!

    Nintendo Revolution - Take control!
  6. Guess who's directing....

    AvP LOOSELY based on the book?! Understatement of the year ALREADY and the year has only just begun! The only thing it has in common with the book is that it has Alien's Predator's and humans in! This film is an insult to the book!!! Anderson is a CRAP director! Ihaven't seen a film he's made that is even half-watchable, never mind half-decent!
  7. The Goonies is on!!

    The Goonies RULES!!!!
  8. Football Season 05/06

    Oh yes! Good night of football tonight! Come on Chelsea!
  9. 1. Twilight Princess 2. Revolution 3. MP3 4. SSB Rev 5. other Rev games...
  10. A Nintendo Christmas Carol

    Although Sonic aint a Nintendo character, I just thought it would've been fitting considering the past rivalry between Sega and Nintendo (Sonic vs Mario as such) and thought it would be a little stab a them saying how Nintendo "roasted" them (in a joking way of course! haha). PS - great mag Sprout, absolutely awesome. I'd guess a roast Pikachu would taste like spicy dog... hmmm...
  11. How will they tackle the spinning attack and the jumping downward thrust... Hmmm... If this is confirmed to be true then I think it's a good move on Nintendo's part. It'll give the game a greater replay value (play it through again with an entirely new take on control! awesome!) and it for those who don't own a Cube but that get a Rev, it won't seem as much as an "old" game!
  12. top 20 world footballers

    Ronaldo would walk onto Chelsea's bench, but not the first 11! Not with the likes of Cole, Duff and Robben available! Even tho he hasn't played much I'd rather have wright-Phillips still, he at least has an end product!
  13. Football Season 05/06

    A lot of footballers do, look at Sendoeros, in the first minute he hacked down Robben, this happens in football all the time. Lauren does it himself. It sends a message to the opposite team that you mean business, its trying to put them in a frame of mind where they're more reluctant to get the ball, it gives you a slight psychological edge over your opponent. Although I admit, the challenges on Ben Haim and Hamann were completely out of order, but other than that nothing else has been.
  14. Football Season 05/06

    Lauren lost his tooth (just broke, the arsenal bench said he MIGHT lose it) in a clash with Frank Lampard, haha, did you lot even pay attention to the match? They clashed heads, thats why Lampard had a bandage round his head! Are you sure you even watched the match? The replays and pictures have clearly shown Essien's arm hitting him on the chest, Tony Adams even said that Mourinho's comment of Essien being targeted because of his recent reputation held truth as that incident shows!
  15. Football Season 05/06

    No you haven't, because he didn't make contact with his face at all. His arm hit Lauren in the chest.
  16. Football Season 05/06

    Essien getting sent off would've been harsh! His first yellow, yes fair enough, he lead with his arm in the jump. The second incident with Lauren is laughable, his arm made contact with his chest, it wasn't raised, that happens in football all the time. Lauren just made the most out of it to try get him sent off. Calling him a disgrace to football is absurd, yes he should have had 2 red cards this sesason (tackle on Ben Haim and Hamann) and they were really bad challenges, but a disgrace to football? Roy Keane admitted in his book he set out to break Alfie Haaland's leg when he did and yet he's referred to as one of the best footballers in the Premiership ever... disgrace to football? I think not! I've seen Bergkamp stamp on/kick players on the floor, throw elbows, disgrace to football? No! Come on, you can't go saying things like that, it's just daft!
  17. Where to go to

    Thailand! again, even after gettin locked up! haha!
  18. Topher Grace Venom in Spiderman 3?

    i reckon you've got it right there, would be much more fitting!
  19. Football Season 05/06

    MWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! 2-0! Awesome! Couple poor decisions, but a just result!
  20. THE NINTENDO-ON the real revolution?

    OH MY GOD, is there no end to this madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOCK!
  21. A Nintendo Christmas Carol

    Awesome! Samus is the perfect Ghost of Xmas Yet to Come! I'm loving this so much! Thanks Sprout!
  22. It'd be import mania if it was region free! haha I'd guess system error is right and the Rev games are region encoded yet the old school are not.
  23. Shenmue

    I remember playing shenmue with my friend, it's all we used to do after school/6th form (I think it was then, haha). Such a brilliant game, so many awesome moments, it really does capture you in the experience!
  24. The one thing that attracts me most about the Rev is the Nintendo games! Even more so (much more so) than the new control method, combined however and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!