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  1. Football Season 05/06

    Stuart Pearce would be a great England manager after a few years more experience! I'd like to see how Wigan do for the next couple seasons as Paul Jewell is good manager too!
  2. Football Season 05/06

    Although I don't agree most of what you, I do love that quote! haha! Allardyce does the best with what he's got, he doesn't always play the long ball, they didn't against Arsenal just then, they played some nice passing football in a 4-3-3 formation, Davies and Stelios worked real hard down the sides and it paid off! It wasn't a long ball that resulted in the goal! Think about the quality that would be at his disposal if he was England manager... and you really think he would just use them in a long-ball tactic? He'd have so much more to work with!
  3. Football Season 05/06

    Are you serious, look what he's doing at Bolton! Nobody expected Bolton to stay up when they came into the Prem and now they're playing in Europe! He gets the best out of hisplayers and they're good at exploiting teams weaknesses, that's the way Bolton play and it's effective too, they've got a great team spirit. They've just shown that against Arsenal! (hehe)
  4. Football Season 05/06

    Sam Allardyce would be good for England, really good manager!
  5. Mario 128

    easily the best idea i've heard of! sounds brilliant!
  6. Hmmm, good thought Pedrocasilva! Here's another...
  7. 'the sun' revolution article

    *chokes on food while reading this*
  8. Wasn't BigTac first to report on the Ubisoft exclusive FPS too?
  9. We love Big Tac!!! Gotta agree on more action!!!
  10. For me, being a huge fan of this genre, FPS by far!
  11. bit strange

    already a thread
  12. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Metroid series (yes all of them) Zelda series (yes all of them)
  13. Ya know what, I kinda think I do remember you saying that... freaky!
  14. That is gorgeous it has to be said!
  15. Hmmm, expand your gaming horizons eh?
  16. "A Quiet Revolution?"

    I can see Nintendo doing really well in Japan, America I think will pretty much be the same as the cube did and Europe... I just don't think europe will give the Rev a chance! Overall... 2nd Place in total worldwide sales. (PS3 first, Xbox 360 third)
  17. Red Dwarf Blackadder Fawlty Towers Cheers Oz Lost Home Improvement
  18. The worlds greatest breakfast?

    I'm another Kelloggs Crunchy Nut
  19. Left Handed!?

  20. I'm not a fan of the pause effect, I think it's too long a pause, maybe if it was really quick and only on the final/heavy blows I wouldn't mind it so much.
  21. Left Handed!?

    It's not that hard to see you could use your right hand to swing the sword even though Link is left-handed... Flick your wrist to the right and Link swings (yes, with his left hand) horizontally to the right. Vice versa for a left swing. However, I'd much rather be pressing a button in combination with the analogue as we've been doing with the previous Zelda's, it'd just get annoying after a the novelty has worn off. I think the controller being used as a sword/bat/weapon etc suits party games a little more, where you're friends are round and you're getting drunk and swinging it around for a laugh... on my own i'd much rather sit still and press buttons as opposed to flicking my wrist here and there. Although bring on the FPS games!!!! Woo!!! Ha ha.
  22. Funeral Song

    Yeah.... and you aint seen the first yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, no way!!!!!!!!!! Go and buy it, quickly.... must see film!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Funeral Song

    Yeah, never miss it, love it! The title music is just awe inspiring!
  24. Funeral Song

    The title music from The Terminator its just awesome!!!!
  25. They don't HAVE TO map out a new button layout... controller shell anyone?!