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  1. Majora's Mask

    Well I'm trying to get all the masks so that I can get the Fierce Diety mask! I want this mask so much! Only got 8 more to go... poop!
  2. Football Season 05/06

    Well Middelsborough sure have shown us how to play football so far today! 3-0!!! Flippin 'eck!
  3. Does anybody read this bit when posting that they reccommend Shenmue 1&2...?
  4. The controller

    I don't see any need at all to make a gun attachment, there's really no need for one!
  5. It was after the GDC trailer that those rumours started hitting wasn't it? With the wolf howling at the moon at the end of the trailer?
  6. I still say they'll release it on Gamecube (couple months before the Rev release) and also bundle it with Revs when they're released! That's probs the best way to tackle it.
  7. Metroid Prime 3 beam idea

    So how would we go about moving, selecting weapons/visors/mophball etc...?
  8. Since they are making a tekken film....

    Awesome film Tom Yum Goong!
  9. Metroid Prime 3 beam idea

    Like it was said before, it's the grapple beam I'd love to see manipulated in more ways, moving things with it, throwing things with it, as well as swinging! They could incorporate it into puzzles too! In regards to beams I'd like to see a larger variety, I liked the original Prime beam variations, they should keep these and add a few more to spice things up (can't think of much to be honest haha)!
  10. You've seen the promo vid! Like it? Had any thoughts of you own about it? Maybe thought of any advertisements yourself? Let us know, post your ideas here!
  11. Advertising the Revolution...

    Yeah sorry I posted it before you did yourself but it is such a good idea I had to post it right away! I think you've hit the nail on the head with that one, it's really good!
  12. Metroid Prime 3 beam idea

    Yeah, but using the grapple beam to throw them, like in SSBM! That'd be awesome!
  13. Advertising the Revolution...

    I loved this idea posted by YenRug in one of the other topics! Awesome!
  14. Metroid Prime 3 beam idea

    I'd like to see a load of new functions with the arm-cannon! They could just do so much!
  15. New Reggie interview

    Cool idea YenRug, I like it a lot! We've got a thread about advertising ideas for the Rev, it'd be good if we all put our ideas in there again! there's a couple good ideas in there already! http://www.revo-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1171
  16. Oh my god I hope his shoes have a decent tread and fit so that they're comfortable enough for him!
  17. New Spider-Man costume?

    He's not flying, he's using the webbing between his arms and body to gain lift and change direction and glide (very briefly)!
  18. Ha ha! I sure hope not! I'd go insane with the wait!
  19. Why are people so insensitive to make these cartoons anyway? There's nothing actually funny about it... Sexual Chocolate, you're a fucking **** and deserve to die - can't you take a joke? - doesn't stop it being offensive!
  20. November is a little too late for my liking too! I'd guess it's coming shortly after E3... maybe July sometime... I dislike the pause effect too, I think it'd be ok if they implemented it on the killing blow only and still not such a long pause! The wait for this game hurts!
  21. That simply made me laugh hysterically!!!
  22. Very, very true! I think this is a good idea, I know I'd buy one for sure! A GC and DS to go wherever I go... AWESOME! shouldn't this be in a different forum though? gamecube or handheld maybe?
  23. Revolution game list

    How is Soul Calibur 4 coming from Capcom when it's Namco that make it...?
  24. The toys you loved as children

    Lego, Transformers, Turtles, Thundercats, He-man, WWF figures, of course the Thomas the Tank engine train set (had Percy too haha), pogz, yo-yo's and last but not least, toy guns! AWESOME!