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  1. What happens at Nintendo UK?

    I would've thought it's a call centre for customer support... otherwise... nope, i got nothing!
  2. Rate the last film you saw

    No way, the hard to follow fight scenes it what makes it great! Because that's what it would be like fighting Batman, to hard to follow, you wouldn't stand a chance! It perfectly captures how Batman would be, we see it from the criminals perspective and this is what creates such fear of Batman! Awesome!!
  3. Stallone or Schwarzenegger? Cast your vote!

    Arnie by a mile! Arnie can pull off comedy, Twins anyone!
  4. Spider-Man 3 pic here.

    Weirdo! .
  5. Spider-Man 3 pic here.

    NOOOOOOOO, he aint like Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, he aint pretend NOOOOOOOOOO!
  6. Games/Developers you want on revo

    Command & Conquer!
  7. With Ganon dead a new male Gerudo comes forth and with this a new evil arises! The holders of the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom have to battle to save the destiny of Hyrule before the Triforce of Power awakens! The twist is that where we expect the holder of the Trifoce of Power to be the new Gerudo male and the game plays towards that, we find out that it is not the case! Then join forces with the powerful Gerudo male in a race to eradicate this new evil! Just a quick idea i like the idea of playing as a gerudo!
  8. E3 2006 Countdown

    Ha ha, genius!
  9. E3 2006 Countdown

    It's this post that makes me smile! WOOOOO!
  10. Reggie on Dev-kits

    Very pleased to hear this! Sounds like this is really going to be an awesome experience!
  11. A little longer than I had hoped...
  12. Lets talk FOOD!

    1. Favourite meal overall? Shevid Bagala Polo (Persian) 2. Usual breakfast? Toast...? 3. Favourite takeaway? Koobedah Kebab! 4. Brown bread or white? Best of Both (I know it's cheating but hey, what ya gonna do eh? ) 5. Favourite fruit? Royal Gala Apples 6. Favourite Cereal? Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes! 7. Favourite Snack? Peanut butter on toast 8. Rare, medium or Well done? Medium-Rare 9. White, milk, plain or dark? Milk 10. Favourite pizza? Hawaiin (probs from my local - The Starving Man)
  13. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Info

    Hmmm couple new characters... must buy and master... first need PSP... ARGH!
  14. The many faces of Reggie

    That man sure can kick ass and take names!
  15. Revolution game list

    BigTac, from what you know and have heard, do you have any concerns with the AI and physics capabilities of the Revolution? I sure hope not!
  16. Shenmue for Rev would be so awesome! I'd be so happy!
  17. BLACK

    Goldeneye or Perfect Dark sure didn't! Otherwise I think I'll get this but probs not on release. Definately Gun-Porn! ha ha
  18. whats an emo pleas help

    Sorry I can't help you here! I simply don't have a clue myself! From what I can tell an emo is like a mosher... ...but doesn't like being called a mosher... I dunno, not a clue, doesn't make sense to me! I love the local neighbourhood negro!
  19. Ha, everyone was raving about the power of the PS3 too! We all know that it aint as powerful as 5000 badgers!!!
  20. My god that is unbelievably funny! Couldn't stop laughing!
  21. The controller

    Ah! Scared of change! EDIT: after reading the post below - Well said Moria!
  22. best opening ever

    Fully agree, nothing I can think of, off the top of my head, comes close to this opening!