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  1. Nintendo Revo= Nintendo GO?

    Ya know what's funny (well ok it's not actually funny), in IGN's pre-GDC podcast Matt says he likes the Idea of the name being the "Nintendo Funbox"... I don't like it!
  2. Nintendo Revo= Nintendo GO?

    Is it Nintendo "GO" or "G O" (what could it stand for?) Or could it be one of the menu screens, ala the Home button on the controller?! We don't know either way yet so lets take a breath and calm down a little!
  3. GDC 2006

    I think it'd be good if they reveal the name of the system, even that would take away talk from the PS3! Still, I'm not expecting anything really newswise, might be an intersting speach still!
  4. Ah, exactly what my response would have been!
  5. E3 2006 Hype/Discussion

    Ha ha, EVERYTHING! Hands-on impressions mostly and a look of the games in motion!
  6. Miyamoto drops the Zelda A-bomb.

    Well having played loads of PC FPS's (its what I've been saying for the past god knows how long) I do know just adjust the sensitivity (simple eh?). If you want to hold your arm out - do so! But there's no actual NEED to, thats what I'm saying (as said in the 1UP and EDGE's hands-on) try reading!
  7. Miyamoto drops the Zelda A-bomb.

    1. Most people's TV's aren't THAT big - large movements will not be needed. 2. Most people would choose to rest their arm on something (in lap or on arm of chair)and aim by moving their wrist not their whole arm (as said in 1UP and EDGE's hands-on's)
  8. Opinions needed

    Megaman 2 is worth it alone, awesome game!
  9. Pandemic Studios, best known for Full Spectrum Warrior and the Star Wars Battlefront games spoke to IGN about their thoughts on the Rev... http://revolution.ign.com/articles/696/696869p1.html hopefully they'll be producing some Rev games then, time will tell I guess!
  10. Pandemic on Rev... maybe...

    Well I've had the luxury of playing Battlefront online and I have to say... it's AWESOME! What a game, sub-par?! Are you mad?! Thing is, it would go well with the Rev controller (nunchuck setup) quite well too!
  11. Miyamoto drops the Zelda A-bomb.

    I was talking about moving the mouse around (lets say in an FPS), there's just as much movement there as there would be needed (in an FPS) with the Rev controller, 1UP and EDGE both have said this! Simple turns of the wrist, no arm swaying needed at all! I can't see how you think it would get tiring like this, whereas FPS's on the PC aren't tiring! The amount of energy put into controlling it is negligible! Not enough to tire you at all!
  12. Miyamoto drops the Zelda A-bomb.

    I'm not "defending" as such myself, I'm just saying I haven't heard that anywhere (who did report it by the way?). Whereas I have seen that it's not tiring at all. I can't see any reason why your arms would tire... I play with a keyboard and mouse for hours on end, moving my wrist/arm all the time and don't get tired at all! Maybe if I prance about like they do in the promo vid but I can seriously say I doubt I would! Why not? I do this with my current controllers! As usual, I'd be sat back in my "gaming chair" and have my arms rested in my lap making the smallest of movements (which HAS been said is all that's needed)... why would this be tiring? Unless i'm playing a "swing the controller" game (baseball, golf, tennis type games - which I will, more than likely, not) then there's no reason for it to be tiring really.
  13. Miyamoto drops the Zelda A-bomb.

    I haven't heard this anywhere, 1UP said they pulled up a chair and rested their hands in their lap and it wasn't tiring at all, same with EDGE, just smalls turns/flicks of the wrist. There's absolutely no need to hold your arm out extended!
  14. Post your LOLidays!

    Last year, April, the worst AND best experience of my life! My friend and I are going to Thailand (my second time, my friends 12th or something like that - couple of his friends live out there). We get into Bangkok Airport and customs ask us to go to one side... ...my friend is bringing stuff over for one of his friends (he's married to a thai girl and he supports her family), stuff like a rug, curtains, hot-water bottles, candles and other random crap!... ...with this not being the "usual holiday luggage" customs tell us they have to inform the police to look through it and make sure everything is ok. So the police come and take us to the Donmuang police station and put us in a cell, we're thinking it'll be all done by tomorrow and they'll let us go... how wrong we were! The next day they tell us they want to hold us and investigate us under suspiscion of smuggling (this is where it goes wrong), we aint had a phone call so we ask to use the phone, they hand us my friends mobile with which we call his mates (and take a pic, the police let us to prove we were locked up to our friends, haha) tell them to come down and sort this out (they can speak thai, the police can't speak english unfortunately)! They say they'll be with us by 12 noon the following day... thank god! The next morning (before 12) we get taken to "court" (this is no court) where we're told we're being sent to Bangkwang Prison (aka the Bangkok Hilton - search for it on google!) while the police investigate... from here it's like the Shawshank Redemption, shackled up and driven away! I could talk about the prison for absolutely AGES but I'll shorten it for you - IT'S HELL, PURE HELL (63 people in our very small cell - HELL)!!! We spent 4 days locked up in there until we got bail, couldn't leave Thailand for another 3 weeks until the police dropped their investigation. All in all it cost us a lot, we had to pay for the lawyer fees and court fees (£2321 each), the British Embassy covered our bail cost (£3000 each). This on top of the already £1500 holiday! OUCH! The worse thing is, I got back, had no job and got dumped by my girlfriend... yep, that was the worse month of my life! Still, I can look back and laugh at it now! HAHA, only owe £2000 now (inc debt from over here)! me on the right
  15. I don't mind Zeldafan2020, keep posting lad! So he's got a lot of enthusiasm about Zelda and he lets us know of that. I don't see how he's actually offended anyone, if his posts have annoyed you somehow then choose not to read them, simple as that. He's got passion and there's nothing wrong with that!
  16. GDC 2006

    I think it would be clever of Nintendo to announce the other Rev secret at GDC to take away the buzz from the PS3 announcements. Then come E3 hit us with everything (even though they say it won't be everything) to imprint the console on our minds!
  17. PS3 Launch Details Tomorrow?

    Well 1UP say this... http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3148763 yet IGN say this... http://ps3.ign.com/articles/695/695693p1.html
  18. Your favourite TV theme!

    Airwolf .
  19. IGN get their own dev kit

    I gotta agree with the NES buttons looking too small (I know that isn't actual scale, but still), I'd also say the D-pad is a little on the too small side too, I'm not keen on the GC D-pad and it seems smaller than that!
  20. I think an epic battle would be good, really good! Remember in the first trailer (E3 '04) we saw an army marching over Hyrule field in the sunset... rather than Link running to face them in battle as we'd expect, it'd be a great twist to see Link joining them to battle the forces of the Twilight realm! Enemies must fight together to overcome a newer and greater evil! I'd like that!
  21. Fingers crossed we get some Rev games from them!
  22. Possible FHC add ons.

    Well you've got the right idea! I think all the others are just daft as that there's no real point or need to them!
  23. What would you spend £100 on?

    i'd use it on my debt! every little helps!
  24. I still don't believe it there's any truth in this.