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  1. ARGH! Please someone here be an insider!
  2. What phone have you got? If it's a camera phone, take a pic, send it to your email and upload it onto a post... not asking much am I?! haha
  3. Thats what I was just thinking, having immediately browsed about 7 different sites!
  4. Hehe, I feel all giddy! Scans please! (this is getting googled in hope to find any shred of info!)
  5. Pilotwings sequel confirmed by EGM

    Always good news, i'm just not a fan of the game really...
  6. Yeah it's fake, sorry everyone, just ignore and let the thread die! haha (just noting that it was posted by someone else on gametrailers, not some rumour started by myself!) EDIT: links as requested - http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1480/1168/1600/nintendopressjpslide21rh.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1480/1168/1600/nintendoatifamitsupressslides1.jpg
  7. What makes Zelda so great is the blend of gameplay story and visuals (and music etc)! Gameplay (most important!) - Viewtiful Joe shows this, it's an absolutely amazing game with such a poor story, the visual style can be seen as either great or really bad, personally i see it as great, yet even people who don't like the look of it admit it's a great game! Story - Eternal Darkness, lets be honest, if we step back and actually think about the way the game plays its not that great, pretty average! The graphics are ok but I'd say mediocre. The story is so good it's draws you into the game and gets you hooked! Graphics - Res Evil 4, YES the gameplay is amazing (I'd say it's best feature), the story is ok, but the graphics set the atmosphere for this game, it still would have been a great game had the graphics not been as good but the fact they were that good just made it better! Great atmosphere! (I couldn't think of a better example to use where the game looks great but doesn't play well) LoZ creates the perfect balance of these 3 (and music etc) and that's what makes it so great! However, if the gameplay wasn't as solid as it is then I'd rank it along with the above games, yet because it's so good it's in a league of it's own (well, along with Metroid haha)!
  8. BREAKING: PS3 price revealed this morning ...

    I agree, so funny! ...and my two pence worth - it's a little too much to warrant me buying it, there's no way I'll be spending that much! When/if a price drop comes I might do!
  9. Spider-Man 3 Plot Revealed

  10. Ha ha ha! Thats awesome!
  11. ALL HAIL SPROUT!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: sorry for the caps guys!
  12. IGN: Revolution Horsepower

    If the graphics are of the standard of Res Evil 4, Metroid Prime and Wind Waker then I'm happy, if the standard is more than that then I'm... more than happy! haha!
  13. E3 2006 Hype/Discussion

    E3 is always my favourite time of year! Easily better than xmas! haha
  14. I bet it's still no where near as good as No Mercy!
  15. As said already... we love you Sprout!
  16. 1. I don't want Ganon to be dead, I think he's the one of the best (if not the best) videogame enemy characters around! 2. I'm saying the Triforce WOULD exist, but that it isn't attainable because it's sealed away to prevent evil getting it's hands on it. 3. I said that IF the decide not to include Zelda then they SHOULD include her descendants to carry on her "legend" (legacy). The reason why I say that I would welcome it is because you can only do so much without it feeling more of the same! Otherwise it's not the end of the world! I have such faith in Nintendo that no matter if they kill off the characters and destroy the land of Hyrule, the game will still be absolutely amazing, a new part to the legend! You're sounding a little dettached from reality the way you're going on about it!
  17. Well I'd welcome change, change isn't necessarily a bad thing! I think the Triforce, Zelda and Ganondorf do give an epic feel to the series however! Maybe if the Triforce is sealed away and cannot be attained yet it's power lives on in the land... this way the forces of courage, power and wisdom still exist in someone yet the quest isn't to stop someone from actually getting the Triforce but for an alterior reason. I wouldn't mind if Ganondorf was to actually be dead (as of the Wind Waker... it was a nice way for Ganondorf to go)... if this is too much then maybe his evil spirit could live on and corrupt others (I dunno, but I'd say you can't always be fighting Ganondorf!) No more Zelda... descendants, I'd say, is a decent enough way to take it, yet I'd like mention of Zelda to be given in the games, in historical scriptures and the sort, reknown for her wisdom and love of Hyrule. Zeldafan2020, I never minded your posts before, it was good to see passion for the game but this is a little much, haha, anyhoo, still, I do know what you mean!
  18. Prayer fails to heal sick

    Prove he does
  19. Has your mind changed?

    All 3 for me so no difference in what I was thinking! Rev is still my number one choice, this is mainly because you can always guarantee Nintendo will make some awesome games!
  20. News on the Nintendo _______

    You can't expect BigTac to tell you Insider! For all he knows you could be some random trying to get info to blab about on here!
  21. No World Wide Revolution!

    I hope it makes an 06 launch in all territories, yet I'd say it could well be best not to do a simultaneous launch! I'd say launch in Japan first, lets say October (early), then USA November (early) and Europe November too (late). My reasoning for this is that the Japanese market seem to be the one most likely to snap it up, a strong first month sales in Japan (if all goes according to plan - Nintendo should tout the figures) could show to the American's that this is a great console and give them the idea that it's a must-have thing. This combined with good opening sales numbers in the US could then translate to Europe! Just in time for Xmas too!
  22. No World Wide Revolution!

    It'd be painful having to wait long if Japan and America get the Rev a fair while before us! The DS launch that hurt! haha, I wouldn't want to be waiting until March again until a Euro release! OUCH!
  23. GDC 2006

    ...and that's what happened! Mega Drive games on virtual console!!!
  24. GDC 2006

    Well I am satisfied with that info! Sega Mega Drive games too... HELL YES!!! Zelda DS... AWESOME!!!