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  1. 1UP have an article "All about Wii", linky link here... http://www.1up.com/do/feature?pager.offset=0&cId=3149198 And something quite interesting they say...
  2. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    As it's such an abstract name/word, the advertising for it can be really good! People will not automatically think urine when they see it as they'll just see the letters W,I and I. For example, you have an advert (visually, not TV), it's plain white with the logo "Wii" on it and a date underneath. How can you relate this to urine, that won't be the thing cropping up on people's minds as they won't see the pronunciation... they'll be thinking what it could be, this kind of advertising could work for Nintendo. Another, plain black poster with the blue light central with Wii and date underneath. Simplistic advertising is the way to go for Nintendo in places like magazines and posters, when on TV then they should go along the route of the DS, to show the physical implications of the controller. If you look on the advertisement ideas thread - http://www.revo-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5924 - there are a couple decent ideas on there (YenRug's is very clever and Catterick's is great - it would be Nintendo taking the mick out of themselves in a similar manner to how budweiser do now in regards to football/soccer) Wii really is a great name, universal, easy to pronounce, very simple and minimilistic and they logo can be quite catchy! Only in the English speaking countries (not all of them) can it be taken out of context and thats by fanboys really (people who "want" to find something bad in the name), the average Joe on the street won't think urine! Look at Virgin, a huge corporate brand and people don't think about young ladies who have not yet been "spoiled", when talking about it or watching their adverts!
  3. Game's Revolution Update email.

    Hehe, awesome! I really do like Wii now it's sunk in!
  4. Second controller as standard..

    Not just tht but what about games that could require 2 controllers... drumming games, a punch out we've all been going on about... these should come too hopefully!
  5. Awesome! Absolutely awesome idea! :bowdown: :bowdown:
  6. "Wii? i am not buying that!"

    I agree, death by the bears!
  7. Now that is awesome! Couldn't stop laughing for ages! Nice one LazyBoy!
  8. Some ways to get the name out in adverts: 1. Exclusive titles - " *insert game name here*... only Wii can play" 2. Multiplayer/online - "Join in, Wii love to play" 3. General advertising - "Wii know how to play"
  9. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    " *insert game name here* ... only Wii can play" I kinda like that!
  10. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Ya know, after first hating it, it REALLY has grown on me, toilet jokes have kinda worn off now and I really like it! Nintendo could really do some great advertising with this!
  11. Football Season 05/06

    Anyone watch Boro tonight? What a brilliant match! I've gotta take my hat off to Boro, best match I've seen this season, I can't believe they did it... AGAIN!
  12. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    The best line I've seen so far is:
  13. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Well considering it's Wii as in "we" then should we expect HUGE things from online, because that's the big "we" market!
  14. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    I don't like that AT ALL! The "GO" was even better! OMG it's true too! Go onto the Nintendo website, it's there! http://www.nintendo.com/home http://revolution.nintendo.com/
  15. Nintendo Live?

    I'm hoping for voice chat in-game too, especially for co-op online games, this is needed! Looking at what MP:H does on the DS I'm sure they're going to "up" the service for the Rev! Considering the console is now the "Nintendo Wii", using that name to emphasise "we" as a gaming community, should we expect HUGE things from their online service? As this is the way "we" can all game together?!
  16. E3 2006 Hype/Discussion

    I don't just want a trailer of MP3, I want to see it playable on the show floor!
  17. Football Season 05/06

    You can't really argue against Scolari being the best out of the managers but you could argue his passion would be next to none compared to that of an Englishman! Thats why people want an Englishman managing the national team!
  18. Sooo... Game?

    Well this is what I'd imagine from the bits I can make sense of! haha 1 - Virtual Console 2 - Touch/Display screen attatchment for the Rev controller OR use of DS as a pad for the Rev...? 3 - Animal Crossing 4 - Some type of image formatting, graphics rendering or something... don't have a clue really... 5 - this completely lost me! haha 6 - Seems like a projector of some sort (I know this won't happen with the Rev don't worry I'm not going all idiotic on you!) OR it could be describing the translation of the 3D environment in which the Rev controller moves to the 3D environment of the "game world"...
  19. If this is true; in an FPS, when dual-weilding, would you be able to aim each gun independantly to one another. Ya know, have 2 reticules for each gun? And how would this effect the "looking around" in the game?
  20. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam: Rev EXCLUSIVE!!

    April issue of the mag you say? Just a bit of scepticism! haha
  21. I like the Idea of fighting Gannondorf through 3 stages, the first he's using his magic against you (akin to Wind Waker Shadow Ganon but a little harder, with new attacks and not just aerial), then he resorts to using his sword, not his double swords from WW but his giant sword from the Spaceworld demo (this should be a very hard and intense battle)! Then I'm hoping for the transformation into his beast form Ganon! Oh yes, make it epic!
  22. I'd say I'm probably at my best with Luigi, although I like Zelda/Sheik, Samus, DK, Mewtwo, Roy... ya know what, I'm gonna name more or less all of them here! haha lets just leave it with Luigi!
  23. I completely agree with this bit, I thought this was the problem with the film, it was like it was trying to be a game-film rather than a straightforward film, problem with this is that you had no control over it! The thing that makes up for any lack of story telling in a game is the fact that we can control and manipulate the characters! This cannot be done in a film and so story should be emphasised! Although to imply the blame of videogames on movies that aren't videogame related is totally unfounded!