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  1. What next for Retro?

    Raven Blade for sure! As long as it isn't a turn-based battle system!
  2. I'd love to see a Kid Icarus game too, I haven't played one as of yet and as you say, I love the character and what they could do with the game itself! PS... isn't it Pit?!
  3. Nintendo Expecting "slight" loss...

    This, I hope, bodes well for the price we should be paying!
  4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I'm sure they'll be plenty of different types of locations as you'll be travelling between different planets... and not all planets can be the same! Loving the vid, man the wait for this game hurts! Thank you Nintendo for the Wii, I can sure see myself loving this console a hell of a lot!
  5. Interesting tidbits from Game Informer?

    Like every other bit of "info" that was released in the past, I won't believe it until I see it!
  6. Since reading the smash bros topic posted by thesupersmashbrother and learning about wavedashing, I've found myself getting a lot better! Samus and Sheik I've always found good, now I find them great, Marth too! Falco/Fox are decent but I find they fall a lil too fast for my liking, still need to get used to them! I've still got a soft spot for Luigi, his wavedash is great, I hit my mates with a quick grab at the end of it and they can't comprehend how I got to them that quick! hehe Thanks for the hints and tips thesupersmashbrother!
  7. Iwata talks Wii controller, Wii online

    AWESOME! (msg limit)
  8. Not trying to get into the arguement of graphics, sorry... I say Matt's half right. In regards to the price, he definately is! Sure we'd snap it up for $250 but the market Nintendo is aiming at would not! Non-gamers just wouldn't pay $250 for something hey may occasionally play, remember he's talking about the pricepoint from a non-gamers view. Kind of like the way I'm not a biker... I wouln't pay more than £100 on a bike, yet bikers themselves are willing to pay MUCH more!
  9. Gotta say I like this wavedashing now! It sure does come in handy! Never been a huge fan of Fox or Falco but after todays play session I'm converted into a huge fan of them! haha That Smash Blind video opened my eyes a lot more to them!
  10. Cool, thanks! Haven't played SSB:M for so long as nobody will play me at it anymore... my mates are just that pants at it! After watching the SmashBlind video I can safely say I'm going to put in some major practice into this game to better myself as good as I can, I'd need it coming up against you lot! haha!
  11. whats a wavedash? i don't have a clue on any of this terminology!
  12. I'd like to see Samus stay in her morph-ball when activated with a few actions taken from the metroid games: - jump - morph ball bomb (hold for power bomb - like Roy's charged B attack from Melee) - boost ball (kind of like Kirby's fireball dash from Melee) - rather than blocking/sheilding, maybe you can hold block to activate the spider-ball or something
  13. Can't wait to go fishing! Looks so calming!
  14. I can never stop loving that video when they first announced it!
  15. Your Favourite Zelda Game

    Ocarina of Time
  16. I'm not sure which I'll be getting to tell you the truth! I kind of feel cheated by Nintendo, as I wanted to play it on my Gamecube first with the traditional control scheme and then pop it into my Wii and use the new control scheme to give it a slightly more fresh feel when re-playing it ...WITHOUT having to fork out for an extra copy! This is an injustice, Nintendo delayed the game for what is going to be almost, if not, a full year... and to experience the reasoning behind the delay and compare it to how it is traditionally played, we have to fork out extra! As Masaki86 said, the Wii control scheme might not feel better to some people and could detract from the experience. Thats why I'd like to play in the normal control scheme first, then try the Wii control!
  17. How do I dump a girlfriend?

    Send her the Death Text! "I don't want you ever to contact me again"
  18. Brutal fight scenes in films

    Tom Yum Goong... it has one scene which is just brilliant, the amount of limbs broken and the manner in which they are is awesome! Also his fight with the guy doing caporiera in a Buddhist Temple is brilliant!
  19. What will you buy at launch?

    My most likely purchases at launch will be: 1. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 2. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 3. Super Mario Galaxy (if it makes launch) 4. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz 5. Red Steel (dependant on reviews) 6. An extra controller (if there aren't 2 packaged with it... as some speculate)
  20. Spartan Total Warrior - any good?

    I love it personally, it's just a load of non-stop action with some awesome weapons! Can't go wrong!
  21. Hide and Seek. Pinch of salt required.

    This would be amazing! One I'd DEFINATELY get! But yes, pinch of salt!
  22. Football Season 05/06

    Being a Chelsea fan, I know how it feels to go down to 10 men against Barca, go one up and then lose 2-1 with the ref against you! But there's still no denying it, Barca deserved to win!
  23. Top 3 Moments of E3 2006

    Super Smash Bros: Brawl After not seeing this in the conference I was distraught, then to switch on my PC and find a trailer available for it, with Snake in it... great! MGS4 Simply just a great cinematic trailer and I love the MGS's! Nintendo Connect 24 and the possibilities it has!
  24. Farewell, see you again when the wii comes

    Good luck Boo! We'll miss you!
  25. I dunno how big it is but there sure is something, you can just tell! I think it's most likely going to be a combination of little things. TGS is where we'll get the final full info I reckon!