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  1. Nintendo Wii Release Date (or not)

    ...and your source is? EDIT - bugger, beat me to it!
  2. Oh yeah, clever me! haha!
  3. Maybe there's one at both ends... that way it'd be a snes pad when on the side!
  4. Football Season 2006/2007

    Hell yes we are! it's already open for team selection again!
  5. Pleasant Surprise

    Man that's like Christmas early! ha ha
  6. Wii Preorders at $249 + free game

    Ha ha, at first glance I thought 249?! WHAT?! Then I realised.. Australia... d'uh! ha ha That's cool, hope there's something like this everywhere!
  7. Your Favourite Zelda Game

    Ocarina of Time: This game is simply perfect! Every bit of feeling and emotion the characters in this game showed, I too felt! It felt real. It was my land that was in danger, my future torn and my past reborn! How this game managed to make me feel this I will never know, but it surely was something magical! An absolutely beautiful game, purely a masterpiece in gaming, the greatest ever!
  8. Whats the sickest thing you ever done?

    I've sucked my mates budgie up into his hoover! shish kebabed frogs when a i was a kid and as everyone else seems to have done, knocked one off on a plane... no hottie on the flight, just had the urge... and ya sometimes can't resist the urge! I've bummed (yes in the ass) some bird when her brother walked in on us, then he decided to nail his mrs... now I'd consider it sick if i was to walk in on my lil sis getting bummed out, i sure wouldn't start fuckin my mrs anyhoo!
  9. Hidden Wii Slot Found

    So so true! I love it man!
  10. GAME love Wii!!

    I think a couple more of these events can only help Nintendo... and they still sure do need help here in the UK!
  11. Appealing to Casual/Non Gamers

    Completely agree!
  12. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    I wouldn't buy it for sure, rent I would, but it doesn't warrant a purchase unless it's a whole other game (I've played the Ada missions!)... ie a good 20hrs extra worth of gaming, ok, maybe 16hrs!
  13. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    I agree completely! I wouldn't buy another Res Evil 4, even with enhanced controls and truthfully I couldn't see it selling that well if they did!
  14. Wii gets BBC press attention

    Linkify that poll someone (I can't I'm in work and I'll get a smacked bum if I'm found on this! ha ha) Good press... nice one Nintendo, it's not like you to get the non-gaming press aware like this!
  15. Demolition Man

    It's so bad, it's good!
  16. Guess Whos Back

    Welcome back! I think you did great, I can't even last a day usually!
  17. New Wii pics!

    Man this is one sexy console! I can't deceide between white and black... my DS is white, only colour left when I bought it, not that I mind, it sure is sexy! Not sure if white would look as good in my house though... maybe black would be better suited in my room... hmmmm...
  18. Spiderman 3 Trailer released

    Aw I hate my PC, won't run quicktime for some reason, it keeps freezing! grrrr watched the youtube version but it's not clear enough... *cries*
  19. I never really had a problem with it too. The only bit that lost me for a few minutes was raising a block to go under it when I was trying to get on top of it... clever me! haha One of my favourite temples is Dragon Roost Cavern in WW. As someone said earlier, it just had a fantastic feel to it, something that sticks in my memory really well! Of course I loved OoT's temple's too, they felt so epic, they had a real grand scale!
  20. What is a casual gamer? (mini-rant)

    It's definately a subject that is hard to define. I'd simply say being a casual gamer is when someone plays it casually and not too often, this does not necessarily mean that they aren't good at gaming (as some people like to use the term for), just that they tend to play when they feel like it! I have a few friends that play games a lot, loads in fact! They're hardcore gamers, always at the control pad... but I wouldn't say they were natural gamers (if there is such a term). Simply for the fact that usually when I play them, I beat them! I can spend half the time they have spent on a game and be better than them at it, even though they tend to play more than me... they even say so themselves! Casual gaming is not what some people make it out to be, I find that I tend to game a fair bit, more than what most people would call casual, maybe even hardcore. Great topic!
  21. I whole-heartedly agree with that!
  22. Assasin's Creed coming to Wii?!

    I agree with Babooo and Stefkov, the Wii couldn't handle this unless it was stripped and remade specifically for the Wii (not looking as nice but having diferent control methods)... then it essence it wouldn't be the same game!
  23. Started to use Marth much more after watching the vids you lot posted, Samus too, still have a sweetspot for Luigi though! haha Jump: Y Sheild: R Grab: R+A Throw items: Z
  24. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I'm in complete agreement with this, you've summed up my feelings whilst playing this game too! Awesome, absolutey awesome!
  25. Would you have a nerdy tatoo?

    If I were to get a tattoo, I'd have no problem getting a game related one! - Master Sword with the Triforce behind it - The Ancient's Runes from Eternal Darkness - The Metroid symbol (you know the one, the circle with the "lightning bolt" through it) These for me would be the pick of the bunch