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  1. Xpert 11 Season 21: GOTY Edition

    Chances are most of you just going to fucking skip this PR, because none of us read each other's PRs, so I'm putting it here.
  2. The Fast Show Returns... Online

    Well, I enjoyed it. Quite a lot, I don't mind to add. Not brilliant, though. And no, I wasn't very, very drunk. *Jumps onto windowledge* You ain't seen me, roight? *Jumps out window*
  3. So an admin of one of the other leagues I'm in is seriously struggling to get new members for our league and has asked me to ask if any of you would be interested in having another team in another league, because most of you just have this one team. The league's called the UEFA Champions League and it's one of the highest ranked private leagues on Xpert11. I've been a member of this league since mid-2009, and Haden and Happenstance once played in this league around that time. (In fact, Happenstance is on the league's roll of honour - Season 5 Division 6 Champions, so he's won more than just that one N-Euro title.) It's also a different league structure, rather than the 1-1-1 structure we have. If anybody is interested, search the league and use this ID number - 132576 (If you don't know how to find the league: Go to 'The Game' at the top banner, down to 'Search' and select 'League'. Put in the ID number and it'll take you to the League's Info page. You should be able to join from there.)
  4. I'm trying to offload a player, but keep getting fuck all offers. So, advert in here. Player Name: Neil Leonardi Age: 23 Position: Defender Skill: 6 Current Form: 14 Dev. value: 3 (I haven't put him in a single game this season.) Special Qualities: Free kicks, Stamina Est. value: 1,944,600 econ I've set the price for 410,300 econ (That's how much I paid for him.) but I'll accept something a bit cheaper. Any VIPs (I know we've got some in the Lower League) interested?
  5. N-Euro Elite League Round 3 Recall United 0 - 2 Bayern Bru Recall's third match in the top flight looked equally as daunting as their first two. Bru had bounced back from their opening day defeat and looked to continue winning ways. Although Recall kept Bru at bay in the first half, there were signs that a Bayern goal was inevitable. Lindpere's goal in the 52nd minute came as no surprise. The match was far beyond Recall, and so Rundberg's goal on 86 was a formality. Recall finished with ten men after Daniil Koval was sent off deep into injury time for a second bookable offence. Roostophe Rovers 0 - 1 Battlestar Odwinica Rovers maintained an unbeaten streak at home all of last season, turning Monington Park into a fortress. Many were certain they could keep this up into the next season. The visitors Odwinica played a very defensive game with a 5-3-2 formation. Rovers chose to counter that with a 4-3-3 offensive. Although Rovers chose their traditional offensive game, it seemed their three-man attack didn't know this. Odwinica managed to shut out Rovers for the entire game, even having two chances on goal. One of which was converted in by Sherawat on 64, to give Odwinica the win at a difficult fixture. Leeds M.O.T. 1 - 4 Essex Elites The reigning champions' opening three fixtures were against the promoted teams. Such a fixture is often easy to predict, and this one was no exception. Essex went into half-time 1-0 up after Brammer sent a freekick directly into the net. Leeds took the early advantage in the second half and produced a shock equaliser on 52 when Marshall's headed in from Regina's corner kick. It didn't last long, as Merton put the champions back in front just seven minutes later. Loss' goal on 77 removed any hope of a Leeds comeback, and Sharpe's 89th minute header was enough for the Elites. Haden United 2 - 4 Madpool This rivalry was recently marked by Haden as his favourite. Perhaps this is because it always produces a thrilling match-up. There was drama in the very first minute when United were awarded a penalty. Roman Durov converted to put the hosts in front. United looked to be going into the break as leaders, but then Ed Kent's chance went past a helpless Paschetta to make it all square. After the restart, United and 'Pool were both on equal footing, but then Gay's corner cross-in connected with Sedgewick's head to put the visitors in front on 67. United quickly made two substitutions, replacing Dotson and Longhi with Hindrikson and Sablone. For a moment, this looked to be an inspired substitution. Sablone's cross was met with Marconossi's head for the second equaliser on 72. However, it wasn't to last. Madpool were awarded a freekick three minutes later. Trainer and Hales collaborated to put the visitors back in the lead. Another three minutes, and it was four for 'Pool as Gay fired home on 78. Dysonian Wanderers 1 - 1 Silverdale Hotpot Wanderers were determined to bounce back after losing 3-0 to Odwinica, but it looked like their plan had gone monstrously wrong when Hotpot took an early lead six minutes in courtesy of Ronnie Scrimshaw's head. It was a dour match at the Temple; Wanderers could not find a way back into the game. Fortunately, hope arrived when Hope left. That is, Clifford Hope being sent off for two bookable offences. With Hotpot down to ten, Wanderers were able to use this to their advantage, and eventually Patrick Twigg's head equalised on 76 to spare Wanderers' blushes. Most Important Result: Roostophe Rovers 0 - 1 Battlestar Odwinica, could be a very important result for both sides' title challenges. Turned on the Style: Essex Elites, thundering into the title picture with a resounding away victory. Most Important Player: Archie Gay, Madpool. A striker who sets up goals as well as scores them
  6. N-Euro Elite League Round 1 The 20th league season of the N-Euro Championship kicked off. The four teams that have played every season look to reclaim the most coveted prize in N-Europe history in this milestone season. Eights United 2 - 1 Bayern Bru Making their return to the Elite League at the first time of asking, Eights opened up the campaign against last season's runner-up and season 3 winner Bayern Bru. It did not start well for Eights when two players were taken off with injury after just fifteen minutes. Skipper Ove Smerud was taken off as a precaution and was replaced by Severin Granas. Smerud was joined in the Doctor's room by Anthony Zahora sometime later. The bad first half got even worse when Temizkanoglu gave the visitors the lead shortly before half-time. However, Eights came out of the restart as the better team and were determined to get the equaliser. They got in on 79 minutes when a breakaway chance was finished by substitute Granas. Emil Beck then made up for his booking with a long-range shot that nestled in Jurado's net two minutes from time, giving Eights a huge win and a good start to the season. Battlestar Odwinica 4 - 2 Madpool OddyOddyOddy FC was well known for being a dominant team in the N-Euro Championship's early days. Winning the league six times, five consecutively. Nobody has managed to copy that feat, not even Oddy with his new team. Madpool joined in season 7 and have enjoyed two top-three finishes in the Elite League in that time. Three yellow cards were handed out before Odwinica opened the scoring four minutes from time by midfield maestro Gareth Coles. Fritjof Tygesen added a second to give Odwinica a comfortable two-goal lead despite the match being almost even. Bello added a third four minutes after the restart, then Madpool got back into it after Odwinica were reduced to ten-man. Delgadillo received a straight red then Neal Hiles scored from the set-piece freekick straight after. Ed Kent narrowed the gap to one goal just three minutes later. However, Odwinica ended hopes of an equaliser just minutes later when Tygesen scored his second. Roostophe Rovers 2 - 0 Leeds M.O.T. It took Leeds M.O.T. four seasons to climb two divisions to get their first season in the Elite League, whereas Rovers were simply given a place in the top flight back when the League begun. Leeds knew they were in for a tough match against the two-time champions and so played with a 5-man defensive line, hoping to simply frustrate the home side and snatch a point. However, their plan was thwarted when veteran striker Gilberto Mazzoleni scored after just fifteen minutes. Rovers dominated the game, but Leeds' strong backline managed to prevent the scoreline increasing, but substitute Efe Haspolatli put the game to bed in the 88th minute. Dysonian Wanderers 2 - 1 Recall United The three promoted teams all begun their campaigns against former champions. Season 7 inductess Recall United kicked off their first-ever campaign in the Elite League against two-time champions - and only-ever cup winners - Dysonian. Dysonian showed their experience by giving Recall a tough time. Lewis Aiston putting the Season 1 Originals in front. Futura Spirito added a second eleven minutes into the second half, but Oswald Streep narrowed the gap, giving Recall their first goal in the Elite League. It was a narrow finish, but Recall didn't look like fully closing the gap on the experienced team. This isn't a defeat Recall should be disappointed with. Silverdale Hotpot 1 - 1 Haden United Haden United have the distinction of never being relegated, although they spent the first two seasons in the Lower League. Silverdale joined the league at the end of Season 8 and have yo-yo'd in and out of the Elite League since their promotion in season 14. Silverdale stunned United when Clifford Hope put them in front after just five minutes. The first half saw Silverdale finish with ten men after Kevin Morrow's straight red. Despite the disadvantage, Silverdale kept United at bay, and had a chance to make it 2-0 when they were awarded a penalty in the 65th minute. However, Shawn Sidwell, normally reliable, missed the shot. Silverdale were made to pay for that missed chance when Massimo Marconossi equalised for the three-time champions four minutes later. Silverdale dropped points in this match, they'll need to make sure it isn't a deciding factor in their survival at the end of the season. Most Important Result: Eights United 2 - 1 Bayern Bru - A big result for the promoted side against last season's runner-up. Turned on the Style: Battlestar Odwinica. Four goals at home, showing their home ground may be a fortress this season. Most Important Player: Fritjof Tygesen, Odwinica. Skipper sets an example with two goals.
  7. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    My performance this season: HOME: Won 8 Drawn 2 Lost 0 Scored 25 Conceded 9 (16) (1st) AWAY: Won 1 Drawn 5 Lost 4 Scored 12 Conceded 20 (-8) (7th) Playing home = Like a boss Playing away = Like a twat Seriously need to sort it out, once and for all.
  8. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    I did match reports a while back. I could help you with the Elite League reports. (Or any league.)
  9. Southpaw Gaming

    You're mixed-handed. The world isn't just 90% righty and 10% cack-handed. There are some weirdos like you (and me) who are dexterity mindfucks by doing things with one hand and other things with the other. I never thought about the problems lefty gamers have because I play right-handed. Whether I always preferred playing righty or adapted to it, I've no idea.
  10. Black Dynamite cartoon

    Loved the film, loved the pilot. Would love to see a full series.
  11. Saints Row 3

    Cuff links? I don't even have a suit, but fuck yeah!
  12. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    IT DOESN'T MATTER IF ROO'S TEAM WAS WEAKENED! Our head-to-head record is massively in your favour. I could be at full strength and you would still beat me like I was a random jobber.
  13. 2004 - One of my favourite songs on GTA San Andreas. 2008 - One of my favourite songs on Guitar Hero III. 2011 - One of my favourite wrestler's new theme song. CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!
  14. The Wrasslin' thread

    I think they did this because they wanted to keep Edge as a face. Because he was at fan axxess he had to appear in the event, but it's probably too early for him to come back and do something heel-ish. One thing that bugged me about this bit was that they rung the bell while Punk was still laid out on the mat. Normally, the ref would check on him, see if he wants to compete, then ring the bell when he's standing. Also, the first cash-in to fail will be Daniel Bryan's. Despite being clearly one of, if not the, best wrestler on the roster. (If he can make Tyson Kidd and Dolph Ziggler look good in a match, then no doubt he is a top wrestler.) Punk has always been a master on the mic. Though it's only with the worked shoots has he made full use of his potential. I didn't think it was that bad a PPV. I've only seen two other PPVs this year, so I can't really say. It had a hard act to follow in MITB and it was never going to match it.
  15. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    The poll for the new Youth Investment feature has closed, and 74% voted for Yes. This means they'll bring it in "ASAP". Jolly good.
  16. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    If you want it or don't want it, make sure to vote in the main forum on Monday. I'm voting yes, that's for sure.
  17. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    The new youth academy feature is pretty cool at the moment, but it might become even better. http://www.xperteleven.com/viewGlobalMessageN.aspx?threadID=4494111&forumid=34&read=1 Simply, they're planning to bring in a feature that allows you to invest in your youth academy. Every week you pay an investment that will improve the players your youth can produce. But they're going to put it to a public poll first. I'll be happy if they bring this in. My team-building method has always been about developing youngsters. I'd be more than happy to invest tons of wonga if it means an awesome team.
  18. FFFFFFFFFFFF- I was actually looking forward to this tournament-type thing...
  19. I was one of the very first to join waaaay back in August 07. I've had my ups and downs with this game but I've enjoyed every moment. I've been known to take it seriously, especially since I have four teams on the go in various leagues, but you don't have to be. It's good fun and the banter in the thread is excellent. So, give it a go. You never know. Yours, Roostophe Manager, Roostophe Rovers (2-time N-Euro Championship Winners)
  20. Football Season 2011/2012

    I'm not expecting even a whiff of the Europa League places. Even if we lose Young and Downing our squad is still above half-decent and it depends how quickly McLeish and the players gel together. I'm crossing my fingers that we don't get a crippling injury crisis at any point of the season.
  21. Football Season 2011/2012

    I guess you all saw footage or pics of the protests at Villa Park over McLeish. Personally, I thought most of the protesting fans were fucking retarded. Especially the ones who said stuff like "If McLeish is manager I'll never go to Villa Park again/I'll stop supporting Villa/I'll herp the derp etc." Have you ever stopped and thought about that when someone says something like that? A Villa fan says he will stop supporting Villa if they appoint McLeish...I thought about the meaning of such a phrase...and how big a shovel would be needed for such shit. Basically, they're whining "I'll stop supporting the club I have supported all my life because they appointed a manager who was until recently the manager of our local rivals." The owners, who haven't owned the club for long, appoint a manager, who will probably only be around for a few years. This causes a lifelong fan, who has probably seen the club play in Division Three and survive Doug Ellis' reign to finally give it all up because of a managerial appointment. Yeah, the same people who were singing "Villa 'til I die" back when Martin O'Neill was in charge and nothing was wrong. Fucking. Hell. I despair over my fellow Villa fans. They won't be satisfied until we're lifting a major trophy at Wembley. Some won't be until we're Champions of Europe again. I can't stand some of the bullshit they spew, and this week was an example. I was very surprised when they even approached McLeish, but now that he's the Villa manager, I'm behind him and I support him to do well at AVFC. I also wish him luck, because he's going to need it.
  22. Friendship.

    I've made new friends only to become distant and make some more in their place. My friends from my first primary school haven't spoken to me since I moved. I made new friends, then we split up as we went to different secondary schools. I made new friends only to move again, and a new batch were made. I left school five years ago and the only contact I've had since then is adding them on facebook. This forum is also an example. I used to speak to everyone and had a small group I would consider 'friends' on here. Now, though, I barely come on here and if it wasn't for Xpert Eleven I'd be gone completely. I spend my time nowadays on another forum, and I just spent last week on holiday with members from there. They're now my friends, but I wonder for how long. A few more years before we all go our separate ways? I imagine this is how it's going to be for me with making friends. I'll lose them all and replace them. I do wish I had just that one friend who I had known my whole life. But I'll never forget any of them.
  23. Football Season 2010/11

    I think it would be more like a second charter of Rovers. With the mother charter up in Sutton Coldfield and the new one down wherever Andy is located. *Is sure Andy will get the Sons of Anarchy reference.* *Is hoping anyone else will get the Sons of Anarchy reference.* Blues are lucky they still don't have those gobshite cockneys still running the club. They may be able to save a football club from going under but they clearly don't know how to run one. I almost feel sorry for West Ham.
  24. That was Moogleviper. He didn't relegate me, he stopped me from winning promotion. He took over Strider's abandoned team and beat me on the final day. I was well pissed off at the time, but I laugh now. In other news, you're a bastard.
  25. *Dashes in, out of breath* I finally managed to do the rest of the awards for t'Middle League!