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  1. nice debate on talk sport about chelsea, apparently they had 17,000 empty seats and lead to a conclusion that either football is too expensive or chelsea dont actually have enough die hard fans that attend no matter what.


    you never see that many empty seats with arsenal, utd and liverpool along with teams like charlton and west ham


    what do you think? chelsea can never be a worldwide brand no matter how much they spend? they cant even get enough fans in england.


    Does it matter really matter if they don't have as many fans as someone else?


    Does that mean they are not allowed to be successful based purely on the number of fans?

  2. Oh dear Britney Spears is gonna show up on my lastfm because i wanted see just how bad It feels Nice really is.


    Also Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch is quickly becoming one of my favourite albums.


    Might just go on my own or buy 2 tickets and see if any mates are interested if it free.

  3. I would like to see the following regarding software and hardware on Wii in 2008 and beyond


    Software --> Tangiable form released in stores (includes first, second and third party efforts) in no particular order:


    Starfox Wii (with online dogfights as well as online co-op mode)


    Pikmin 3,


    Mario Party 9 (with online play and Wii shop customisation options)


    True Paper Mario Game/Sequel (not spin-off),


    F-Zero Wii (with online capabilities and greater customisation of vehicles and drivers, and this time be able to rotate characters 360 degrees),


    Animal Crossing Wii (with online capabilities)


    Geist 2 (with online multiplayer and better FPS gameplay),


    Donkey Kong Country 4 (special project with Rareware),


    Snowboard Kids 3 (4 player online races),


    Waverace Wii,


    New installments of Mario Golf and Mario Tennis,


    Red Steel 2 (with online multiplayer and better FPS gameplay),


    Disaster: Day of Crisis to not be cancelled and not disappoint


    Wii Sports 2 (I know this ain't releasing, but i'm mentioning this anyway)


    Grand Theft Auto 4 on Wii as well as a compilation of VC, SA and GTAIII


    Castlevania Wii


    1080 Wii


    House of the Dead Wii (would put Umbrella Chronicles to shame)




    Something right out of the blue, totally original, unexpected IPs that involve actual proper gameplay, not mini games to appeal to non gamers in isolation


    Software --> intangiable form released on Wii Shop channel:


    Basically, any game NOT released in PAL regions

    GOOD original efforts for Wii ware

    Promotional freebies from time to time as well




    Black Wii!


    Wireless Nunchuck


    Wireless Classic Controller


    Wireless Sensor bar (1st party)


    Each VC game to have a playable timed free demo to get a true feel for the game, upon the expiring of the demo, the game ends and a message along the lines of "Thats it for free play" appears or it just fades out to the buying screen again


    Overhaul of Mii channel. The appeal has worn off. Need more customisation options to differntiate sexes


    DS demo channel


    More interesting Wii channels


    Fix up the SD card debarcle and/or make Wii HDD compatible, much needed



    MAJOR FIRMWARE UPGRADE for Wii to improve on all of the interfaces/systems current issues!


    Include a WPA option for internet access on Wii (as per above)




    I haven't listed absolutely everything i'd like but its a start...


    For a moment there I thought you were going to ak for too much.

  4. I voted no because I don't think they're needed.. simple as.


    All so, would this not create problems due to auto-play of YouTube videos?


    They don't auto play. Also going by your argument are images really needed?


    No they're not a link would suffice but it's nice to have these features.

  5. I'm a bit disturbed that both my mentions of Simian Mobile Disco and MSTRKRFT have gone all but ignored. I'm left with no option to declare you all muppets and/or heathens for not taking head. You're all missing out massively! get it sorted!


    I've heard of them both in fact I think I've got a couple of songs by Simian Mobile Disco from NME CD's.


    Can also take this chance to mention Shy Child again. You'd probably like them as well Dan since they're an electronic style band.


    Don't Know which ones better





    God I wish I had someone to go see these with at Leadmill.