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  1. Today's LOL BASED ADVENTURES in Southampton!


    Hey, Hey, Paul is ready to play, come along and play with the Tweenies!



    Can we fix it?



    AHAAAR ME HEARTIES! Disney Store Fun :D



    Choo Choo!



    I love Wednesdays :D


    You seem to enjoy hanging around places little kids like to play...

  2. We've been subjected to a United dive before. But you know what, if the match wasn't going to be drawn I wanted Man Utd to win. All the misery on Chelsea at the minute, I want to see how many glory supporters change before the end of the season.


    Change back to Man Utd were they came from originally?

  3. Please, please, for the love of god PLEASE be working on a new Pikmin game for the Wii, Nintendo! I adore the franchise, and playing it with Wii controls could be so perfect.


    Also, I'd love to see a Luigi's Mansion sequel that expands on the concept. And Waverace! Total guilty pleasure; I really miss these games.


    Please explain how any of those games can be called a "guilty pleasure".

  4. :Bump: :)

    So, does anyone have any idea yet how long we'll be kept waiting until we can buy Wii Points for Stars? We were promised them 9 months ago now - this is getting ridiculous :mad:


    You got me all excited for a moment there :(


    They'll start the scheme when old star points run out guaranteed.


    When is that anyway.