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  1. I hate Gordon Brown and David Cameron equally.


    They are both so unappealing. Why do they choose really uncharismatic people to represent the party / country?



    At least Boris Johnston has a funny personality. I'd defo vote him for PM.


    Thats why people like you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  2. He's obviously worried that he's going to lose and really doesn't want his legacy to be "Prime Minister, June 2007 - November 2007". A few weeks ago it was a dead cert that Labour would win but the Tories are slowly gaining due to their conference which was a massive success.


    I think he needs to call an election, we didn't vote him in, he should prove that he's up to running the country.


    Thats because we don't vote for a Prime Minister we vote for a party.

  3. Not content with sueing 13 Sheffield Wednesday fans on Owlstalk:


    SWFC Chairman D Allen has issued a writ against the BBC seeking a court order they deliver the email addresses of 2 fans - pseudonyms Enchanted-Fox and Rucker - who have posted what he regards as defamatory messages about him on their 606 programme forum website.

  4. I was going to wait until my new outfit had arrived to post something like this, but with a postal strike on now it could be ages before it arrives.


    Now I'm pretty sure there's at least a couple of people here who now owe me an apology.


    Dear god,

    please cleanse my eyes



    Yet again at least it ain't rokhead porn.