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  1. whatever that song is that had that guy on the floor with everyone about to die, i liked that one




    a blow by blow account of my view of sorry your not a winner by enter shikari (love them)

    right, personally i would compare it to that of an oncoming bus, you see it coming (the introduction leading to the heavy climax of the opening) and you know any second now its gonna hit, and when it does, i feel sort of blown back alittle as in wow didn't think it was gonna do that and almost immediatly the blow is softened, the pace changes and hits a far more softer managable tone. Then the lyrics kick in, "sorry your not a winner in the end, the airs so cold and your mind so little" (or words that resemble that) i simply love. But as soon as thats done and dusted the best picks up again and its back to the bus


    love it


    Nice description.


    Although you didn't mention the hand claps. Everytime it comes on in The Room(emo bar in Barnsley) everyone joins in the hand claps.

  2. I'm looking for some new songs now. But they need to epic. Like they get played at a climatic part or fight of a movie and the instruments play fast in the background kinda similiar to Dragon Force.


    Anyone got any ideas? So for vague-ness. Don't mind if it's heavy metal or classical, jsut something that can get you to imagine an epic fight like scene.


    Girls Aloud?


    Oh well I'm off to go download some Late Of The Pier.

  3. Got this today, seems pretty solid, don't want to make my mind up yet though.


    Huge problem with the shooting though, when I waggle the remote I normally never get past the first quarter of the power bar. What am I doing wrong? I can still score but it makes it near impossible from outside the area :/.


    Make faster sharper movements with it or swing it harder.

  4. I'll have you know thats the only Fiddy Cent song I like...


    Yes and I grew up in the ghetto Ma Momma had to fight alone, Ma Dad Was a crack habit and ma sista was given blows...




    In all seriousness though...




    Well your dad doesn't sound human and your "sista" sounds like your bro.