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  1. For the Cube? Metroid Prime springs to mind. Starfox Assault was a bit of a disappointment too. And as much as I love it, 1080 could have been a b it more... cos since getting into SSX, its annoying that 1080 is so lacking in comparison. :hmm:


    For the N64 though, did anyone get Forsaken? I thought that game looked great and sounded like it would be class... how wrong I ended up being.



  2. That's much better!!! :grin:


    I'd love to be playing that on my birthday but then i would be playing it all day and have no time for chinese food. :D


    I just found out i'm going away on the 29th so i only play it for a day then i'm off on holiday for a few days!


    Oh well it will be sitting there waiting for me when i get back. :)


    Actually i just realised the thread now says 28th October I thought it was 26th considering games aren't normally released on Sunday's?

  3. Here's something that I think proves that Leeds United will be back in the Championship next year. Our match attendance. We have huge support and that support truly got behind our team on Saturday and 3 goals in 5 mins was the result!


    United fans confirmed their status as best by far in the Football League last weekend.


    Elland Road saw the biggest crowd in League One by a considerable margin, and also the biggest crowd in the entire Football League.


    Our attendance of 24,036 was almost 7,000 bigger than the next highest in League One - Swansea attracted 17,220 for their game with Forest - and over 15,000 bigger than the next highest, 8,671 for Millwall against Cheltenham.


    The biggest Championship crowd was 24,004 for Norwich's home game against Southampton while Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry City were the only other clubs to attract gates of over 20,000.


    We also had a bigger crowd four Premiership clubs - Fulham, Portsmouth, Reading, and Wigan - and only marginally less than Birmingham, for their game with West Ham, and Blackburn, who entertained Arsenal.


    Our crowd, which included 638 Southend fans, was also bigger than that for the first home game last season against Norwich, just two months after the Championship Play-Off final.


    Let's show 'em all!




    We had the highest average attendance's in that league as well it didn't get us our of it straight away.


    And apparently their was alot of Chelsea fans locked out because they tried to get in on Child Tickets....


    Which is so much worse than trying to get in on fake tickets.