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  1. I don't get it why was thgis created for the psp first and then ported to wii. the psp is selling like crap compared to wii.. Should it NOT be the pther way round.


    Why aren't they downgrading a wii game to psp instead of trying to upgrade a psp game?


    Aren't you thinking of Medal of Honour?

  2. Jeez, atleast there are people willing to say this.


    On a different note though, do you guys think that that goddess (and the way she appears in-game) will sway religious people? Namely muslims. Also that devil looks a bit 'suspect' (lol).


    No because I'm not an idiot who believes Muslims will kill us all for portraying a goddess in a video game.

  3. As Soag has left, we're "deliberating" new mod(s) and you have no idea how hard it is to actually find someone who isn't:

    A, a cock

    B, a moron

    C, old enough

    D, responcible enough

    E, gets on with all the staff.




    Interesting requirements.