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  1. Football Season 2007/2008

    Does it matter really matter if they don't have as many fans as someone else? Does that mean they are not allowed to be successful based purely on the number of fans?
  2. The Music Thread.

    Oh dear Britney Spears is gonna show up on my lastfm because i wanted see just how bad It feels Nice really is. Also Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch is quickly becoming one of my favourite albums. Might just go on my own or buy 2 tickets and see if any mates are interested if it free.
  3. Football Season 2007/2008

    Surely that is what you meant?
  4. The Music Thread.

    I hate not having mates with good music taste means I can't go see Shy Child at Leadmill unless I go on my bill.
  5. Football Season 2007/2008

    Fuck sake Wednesday are beyond shit. Not only that but my grandma and Uncle refuse to believe Dave Allen is killing the club. Seriously I would actually love to be in Leeds position, LEEDS FFS!!!
  6. Football Season 2007/2008

    Prepare to witness shit like you've never seen it before.
  7. Birthdays!

    Its The Villan since hes a Villa fan. Happy Birthday as well.
  8. What do you want in 2008 from Nintendo?

    For a moment there I thought you were going to ak for too much.
  9. The Music Thread.

    Regina Spektor is awesome. Why did nobody tell me of her before?
  10. Youtube tags

    They don't auto play. Also going by your argument are images really needed? No they're not a link would suffice but it's nice to have these features.
  11. Freeing up Hard Drive space.

    I m actually ashamed to know you.
  12. Youtube tags

    Lets hope not.
  13. Super Mario Galaxy

    It'll probably lose out to the hype train that is Halo 3.
  14. Football Season 2007/2008

    Makes me laugh too the longer we stay on 0 points hopefully the more pressure is put on Dave Allen.
  15. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    Some of that was funny as.
  16. Make us laugh!

    http://www.myspace.com/theamateurtransplants I recommend buying their album since its funny and 10% goes to some cancer charity.
  17. Make us laugh!

    They're all funny and you all know it.
  18. The Music Thread.

    I've downloaded the new Foo Fighters album and i want to listen but I'm struggling to turn off I Was A Cub Scout.
  19. Football Season 2007/2008

    Worst start in our 140 year history. Another great record for our glorious chairman.
  20. Football Season 2007/2008

    "Forget this season for a minute" and Wednesday have met all our targets under Dave Allen. Yay we're losing and its nowt to do with our policy of no defence.
  21. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    If it was would we really be waiting till 2008?
  22. The Music Thread.

    I've heard of them both in fact I think I've got a couple of songs by Simian Mobile Disco from NME CD's. Can also take this chance to mention Shy Child again. You'd probably like them as well Dan since they're an electronic style band. Don't Know which ones better or God I wish I had someone to go see these with at Leadmill.