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  1. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Well I'm not sending mine to them anytime soon then.
  2. G4TV has 'some really big news' tomorrow?

    Was that the Sky One one?
  3. Football Season 2007/2008

    Feckin Everton.
  4. User Image Gallery

    You seem to enjoy hanging around places little kids like to play...
  5. Post Your Purchases

    I preordered Metroid Prime 3 today.
  6. having said does anyone else find that the Wii menu is dodgy when sensing the pointer?
  7. The Music Thread.

    http://uk.news.launch.yahoo.com/dyna/article.html?a=/25092007/364/s-club-7-reunite.html&e=l_news_dm Oh dear.
  8. Nintendo Europe Forums closing

    If any nintendo forum is going to close due to a paedophile ring its this one. *looks at ReZourceman*
  9. Football Season 2007/2008

  10. The Music Thread.

    Hadouken! gig on Saturday:yay: Only problem is they haven't sent tickets yet:( Also downloaded pigeon detectives and am in the process of downloading kings of leon and cobra starship.
  11. The Music Thread.

    I need another .4 of a day to get to 10 days of music. Any suggestions?
  12. Football Season 2007/2008

    Change back to Man Utd were they came from originally?
  13. Football Season 2007/2008

    What a ridiculous red card.
  14. What do you want in 2008 from Nintendo?

    Strange because I thought Waverace was a popular and good game.
  15. The Music Thread.

    I'm assuming you mean Serj Tankians solo album Elect the Dead. According to wiki its out October 23rd.
  16. What do you want in 2008 from Nintendo?

    Please explain how any of those games can be called a "guilty pleasure".
  17. Wii points on Stars catalogue

    You got me all excited for a moment there They'll start the scheme when old star points run out guaranteed. When is that anyway.
  18. Super Mario Galaxy

    I can see them taking going the route of Rokhead TBH.
  19. Football Season 2007/2008

    Works for me too.
  20. User Image Gallery

    The green one looks like hes "drilling" into her skull.
  21. User Image Gallery

    I'm guessing its kind of hard to be bored whilst being gang raped by teddys.