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  1. The Music Thread.

    Its a totally new track not a bonus track from A Weekend In The City.
  2. Top Gear new series

    As were the jokes about pulling off whilst driving. I was pissing myself.
  3. The Music Thread.

    Anyone listened to Bloc Party's new track Flux? It's so awesomely awesome it hurts in a good way.
  4. Top Gear new series

    That was awesome. So glad it's back.
  5. Gordon Brown: No Election

    Thats why people like you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  6. Gordon Brown: No Election

    Thats because we don't vote for a Prime Minister we vote for a party.
  7. User Image Gallery

    What you gong to do if I am ban me?
  8. Super Mario Galaxy

    Since when has Mario been about story?
  9. South park Season 11

    That was hilarious. Probably the funniest episode of South park IMO.
  10. Crust or No Crust

    Warburtons crusts > you.
  11. Post Your Purchases

    I bought 12 bottles of Carling tonight.
  12. Football Season 2007/2008

    Not content with sueing 13 Sheffield Wednesday fans on Owlstalk:
  13. The Hypnotoad commands..........

    I found most of that video funny. Especially: Bender: "You know it's funny" Fry: "What?" Bender: "Your Weiner"
  14. The Hypnotoad commands..........

    I think I'm going to buy it.
  15. The Music Thread.

    My god I'm listening to Japanese music, Polysics, and its pretty good.
  16. User Image Gallery

    Dear god, please cleanse my eyes kthnxbi. Yet again at least it ain't rokhead porn.
  17. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    Personally I'd rather wait till then since there are better games coming out. Plus it'll be funny to watch you get more and more pissed off waiting for it.
  18. The Music Thread.

    Kate Nash was ace until she went and fucked up her album. Rediscovered my love for The Streets. Original Pirate Material and A Grand Don't Come For Free are such amazing albums.
  19. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Just looks like a cool way to show him entering the game to me.
  20. The Legend that is Beardy Man!

    The baby oil.