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  1. Four is almost certainly my favourite album from Bloc Party :smile:


    I just listened to 'The Love Within' for the first time in a few weeks and it could well grow on me. Hopefully the album will still be excellent..

  2. I hear most of the latest rubbish in at work, unfortunately.. and I'm particularly picky with music!


    All of Bloc Party's albums have been great but Four was just what I wanted when it came out :hehe: Kele's solo stuff doesn't do it for me and I've always feared that influence becoming too strong in Bloc Party, particularly now that Gordon and Matt are no longer there. That's half the band :shakehead

  3. I heard it early last week and I'm still pretty unconvinced by it :hmm: I'm a little bit worried about the next album after absolutely loving Four.


    At least Fightstar's return seems to have been pretty solid given my first listen of the album last night. I have something good to listen to, anyway. There's far too many songs on the radio at the minute that are really bugging me :grin:

  4. Dude.. What's your opinion of this..?



    I know you are (or, at least, were :blank:) as big of a Bloc Party fan as me.. but.. yeh.. hmm..

  5. I'd be a little more excited for Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush if it wasn't for the fact that you'd basically have to look exclusively at the Gamepad to play it and ignore the beautifulness on the TV screen. That's absolutely criminal, given how nice it looks!

  6. Yeh.. the Gamepad can be a little intrusive! The merits definitely aren't so apparent :indeed:


    As much as I love Captain Toad, the sections where you have to touch the screen would be just as good, if not better, by pointing the Wii Remote at the TV instead! It's a much better control scheme :heh:

  7. My brother has FIFA 13 but it's absolutely awful on Wii U with significant technical shortcomings. I think I'd prefer Mario Strikers, at this point :grin:

  8. Playing FIFA with you guys is probably the only thing I really feel like I'm missing out on by not having a PS4.. and even then, I don't think FIFA is that good :heh:


    I just miss having a good, competitive football experience, particularly with getting older and not really having people to play with locally any more..

  9. Thanks dude : peace:


    I'm buying a lot less games these days and giving my time to the ones I want to play. I wasn't too sure on the Bayonetta 2 demo but I'll definitely consider it! I have other things to think about at the moment :grin:

  10. I just watched a review and I'm not really convinced that I actually want it. I'll have a think about it and get back to you later in the week.. unless you find another buyer before then :heh:

  11. Hmm.. it is intriguing, isn't it..?

  12. Dude.. just downloaded the WRC demo on 3DS out of curisoty. It's absolutely AWFUL :shakehead

  13. I'm generally free on a Thursday evening, too.. so maybe I SHOULD take part :eek:

  14. Yeh.. I was just gonna do a Grand Prix but saw you were racing online so I thought I'd give it a go. I never really play online.. clearly :heh: I'll have to start jumping onto it more often!

  15. Mario Kart 8 really didn't want us to get SNES Rainbow Road tonight.. and then it surprised us at random :heh:

  16. rocking some Tomodachi Life..? ::shrug:

  17. Thanks :hehe: My username is pretty annoying, in that regard..


    I'll get you added to the list now!

  18. ..good lad! I'm glad you're enjoying it too :bouncy: Hopefully we won't have to wait another 3 years for their next album..

  19. I had it pre-ordered so I got it through the post last Monday and I think it's AWESOME :yay: If you end up getting it, let me know what you think :hehe:

  20. I know you're a fan, like me, so was just wondering if you had got the new Bloc Party album and what you think of it?

  21. Sorry, dazzybee, I ended up going out to play football tonight so I wasn't around to play PES 2012 tonight..

  22. I haven't played it for a while (and that includes PES 2012) but I'd be more than happy to get the 2011 version on some day if you fancy some online action :hehe:

  23. Dude.. I don't think we're connected on 3DS :sad:




    Make it happen :bouncy:

  24. Hey.. was just looking through my 3DS Friend List and we're not connected! Sort it out :heh:


  25. Merry Christmas, Sam :santa:


    My gift to you is my 3DS Friend Code as we don't see to be connected :eek: