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  1. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Im with Maase. People need to be patient... Id much rather wait for a game to be ready than for it to be put out for the sake of it being out. In the mean time, play other games, go out and catch some sunlight, take up a sport, get a job, take drugs and have irresponsible sex.... etc. Before you know it, the game you so desperately wanted will be out and will be better than you expected. I thought it was a given these days that all release dates are affixed with an invisible "Approx" or "Subject to change"....
  2. Link's Crossbow Training

    perhaps its training us to get good with the zapper as an option to control Zelda Wii later on in Wii life...
  3. I consider myself a nintendo fanboy. Ive grown up with Nintendo's consoles and the only reason is that I believe that Nintendo have always led the way with innovation and creating 'new ways to play' and making overall fun games (wii mote, DS touch screen, analogue stick, portable gaming, 3D games that worked seemlessly - even bringing gaming to the masses by creating 'a games console'). However, this does not mean I Hate all other game studio's and wish the other consoles were damned to hell. I have a huge appreciation for what Sony and Microsoft (moreso the latter, which pains me as an Apple fan ) have done with their consoles this generation and what 3rd party studios have created on them. When I first played my mates PS3 on a brand new HD TV I could see they had achieved what they set out to do. Graphically, absolutely stunning and an incredible oppurtunity to create superbly immersive gaming environments. However, as nice as this was, I still felt Nintendo had created something new with the Wii. And overall, I have a greater appreciation for people who are willing to take risks to be different to what's expected for the sake of diversifying entertainment and making gaming fun all over again. Saying all this, I always give a game a chance myself, regardless of what console, format, studio, genre of game, etc. To answer the thread title's question, I believe both are true. There are huuuuge grey areas in the nintendo fanbase but it only seems to be the black and white that people notice. If a game (on any console) is fresh and exciting, and everyone had a chance to play it, I reckon 95% of people on this forum, and others would play it. The 5% of those who do wish every gaming studio would disappear are the extremists and tend to be the ones who make all the noise... They are the Taliban to the Nintendo Fanboy's Afghanistan.
  4. I'm furious at Nintendo AS A PUBLISHER...

    lol.. this thread is jokes.. If you dont like what Ninty has to offer then sell up and get suttin else, they dont owe you anything - they've given you 25 odd years of enjoyment, if they lose your support now I'm sure they wont be too alarmed. Personally (that is, my own opinion) I think Nintendo has done a great job for the first year of the Wii in that the shear amount of originality is commendable in itself, especially in the light of taking on such a 'shit or bust' risk with the wii mote. But like I say, why bitch about it if your not happy with them. The whole point of there being 3 major players is that it gives people a choice on what to get. That is all... i know this is gonna go on and on so in the words of Duncan Bannentyne - 'just so you know.... im out'! : peace: