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  1. ssbb tournement

    details:This is a tournement to see who's good so they can be in my clan my clan name is called 4.0.1,The tournement is going to only have 20 people.When i get a lot of people then i'll tell every one when it starts.Pm if you wanna be in it then ill rite your name down on here.And you have to send me your friend code and and the charecter who your going to play with.And ill tell you the people who have enterd and ill tell you the people who your gonna play. ...............rules............. Match Times:Organize with your opponent. All matches must be completed within 4 days.then the match most be posted,by the next day or after the mach.The next round will be posted on the morning of the 5th day, or when the last match ends (whichever is sooner). Match Format: Stock 5 TournamentFormat:Elimination Tournament Style:2/3 wins Maps: Random.Final Match will take place on Final Destination Items:No Smash Ball: No Prize:The people who come's 1,2 and 3 will be in my clan Good luck