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  1. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

    Can I ask:- to those of you who own the original Wii version, who is considering getting the Xbox one aswell? I've never played it, and i'm not sure whether to pick up the Wii games now, or wait for the HD ones (if you think I'll end up getting both then this question is redundant). Bisous
  2. Modern Warfare 2

    Yeah, Parcel force are holding on to mine in their 'central hub:-' you can see its been held there if you track it with: BA6578300 on the parcelforce website. Looks like i'll have to wait till Tuesday...
  3. Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite

    Put in 10 hours, yet still only tried short sword and dual blades properly. Like my gear: bone shoulders, bone legs, giaprey helmet +2, giaprey blades +1, hi metal gloves, but i want to upgrade soon though (need a giant bone for the baboon waist). Was beginning to feel quite powerful then took on the huge pink baboon, Congalala, and after 50 mins of chasing him i was broken. Going to try again soon. I'm not over the critical mass of becoming addicted yet, still more learning curve to climb, so still at risk of giving up on this game. Any tips at this stage Hero of Time?
  4. Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite

    Just bought this. Going to start playing on friday after my exams. Just checking you guys know about Capcoms official meet up in London: capcom-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16831 Sounds awesome, i'm defo popping down at some point because i know nothing about this game and need some help.
  5. GTA IV

    I think you misunderstand me.. i'm only buying it to put on my desk un-wrapped as a cheeky tease/motivator. And yeah don't get this if you're doing your A-levels (i bought windwaker when i was your age and didn't help things). Do you think the shelves will be filled again by Friday?
  6. GTA IV

    Thanks for the input gents, i'll defo think some more on that. Was going to the midnight launch in hammersmith but i've got exams every day this week...so i should really start revision now :s wish me luck!
  7. GTA IV

    I'm hitting the shops in search tomorrow. I'm not sure whether to buy a ps3 or xbox 360...without starting a ruckas, any guidance please? At the mo i'm just on a wii but this game was the turning point for me
  8. Okami

    just ordered it ntsc, going to be lush
  9. German Wii's?

    i've got a German Wii, and a plug adaptor is the only thing you'll need
  10. Who's going to a GAME Mario Galaxy Launch Event?

    Yeah fatnick, that was me! little brown guy with a furry chest. i have no dignity. hope you had a good night.
  11. Who's going to a GAME Mario Galaxy Launch Event?

    photos-b.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v151/177/0/222401668/n222401668_1960921_5268.jpg- check it out. anyone see me? was mushroom. rocked up late and didn't get a free game!!! we then proceeded to get trashed and club hop through soho- my mate lost it in a bloody gay bar!!! ridiculous
  12. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Actually, now i'm half way through, i agree with above comments. It seems much easier than i'd previously thought. Hyper mode is the way forward.
  13. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I've started on veteran and i'd say that it's a long, long way from the difficulty of twilight. For one thing, the monstrous bosses CAN'T be killed first time through- prepare to squirm for a few tries on this difficulty!
  14. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Hey guys, Well i'm back. And its official, i have no self control whatsoever. Courtesy of ebay i'm lapping up the lush goodness of Corruption on a dirty american wii. Do any fellow defectors fancy swapping friend codes? My no. is 2511-2326-2913-4510.
  15. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Yeah i couldn't help watching them. Same happened with twilight princess and i saw half the game before i played it. ARgh i need some self restraint
  16. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I'd love to get this bad boy before uni starts, just not quite enough to warrant buying a US wii. Does anyone know if a you could format the v3.1 update and use a freeloader thing to play the NTSC import?